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RENUA's approach is based on common sense politics that respects free speech, free enterprise, conservative and patriotic values. Theses are the values of our parents and grandparents and have enduring and widespread appeal and support internationally. However they are currently under-represented in Ireland due to the influence of a mainstream media that has become dominated by intolerant liberal and left-wing 'progressive' values that denigrate the family, community cohesion, patriotic nationalism and independence.

In response to requests from our supporters, below are a brief selection of resources to assist you learn more about the issues, values and perspective that reflect RENUA's politics and priorities. These recommendations are updated regularly in response to feedback from our members and supporters. Suggestions for alternative or additional resources are welcome: engage@renuaireland.com

News and Current Affairs

Gript Media is an Irish news and current affairs website. It aims to deliver news and analysis without the liberal / leftwing filter and bias that dominates RTE and the mainstream media in Ireland. Gript also reports on important issues and events that the mainstream media deliberately ignore. 

The Burkean is an online publication founded and run by Irish university students to promote free speech and fresh ideas and to present the opinions of people that aren’t being heard in the mainstream Irish media. The Burkean is named after Edmund Burke, one of Ireland’s most distinguished statesmen.

Spiked-online.com is a British Internet magazine focusing on politics, culture and society from a conservative or libertarian viewpoint. It focuses particularly on issues of freedom and state control, science and technology, culture, education and literature.

ConservativeWoman is a UK website that positions itself as part of the counter-cultural offensive against left-liberal politics and its anti-family, authoritarian identity politics and ‘equality and diversity’ ideology. The website is NOT affiliated with the British Conservative Party. However, it is a refreshing conservative voice for readers of all genders. Its co-editor is Laura Perrins, a barrister from Dublin and a graduate of UCD.  

Breitbart.com is an American news site that also covers international affairs. It has a conservative bias that provides an alternative to the liberal perspective served up by RTE, the BBC, The Guardian and similar sources.

The Spectator is a long established weekly conservative UK print and online magazine.

Unherd.com covers UK and international affairs but tries to challenge the herd mentality with alternative thinking and to provide a platform for ideas and people that are sidelined by the mainstream media. It's neither liberal nor conservative but is quite original.

Research and Commentary


Prager University (PragerU for short) is an American non-profit organisation that creates educational videos on various political, economic and philosophical topics from a conservative perspective. Many of their videos are very relevant to Europe and Ireland. 

Family Watch International is an organisation that protects and promotes the family as the fundamental unit of society.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education is a website created to warn parents and policy makers of the serious harms of explicit 'comprehensive sexuality education' programs being promoted by the UN (and currently being pushed by the Irish government).

Prolife Campaign is a non-denominational human rights organisation, drawing its support from a cross-section of Irish society. The Campaign promotes pro-life education and defends human life at all stages, from conception to natural death.

ThePublicDiscourse.com is the online journal of the Witherspoon Institute in the USA. It provides academic articles to enhance public understanding of the moral foundations of free societies by making the scholarship available and accessible to a general audience.

theGWPF.org is an independent think tank which looks at the actual science facts behind the contested science of 'climate change' and 'global warming'. For anyone who wants unbiased information on climate change matters without alarmist scaremongering, this is a good place to start.


David Thunder is an Irish academic currently working in a university in Spain. He has a particular interest in ethics, political philosophy and social theory and is not afraid to challenge the media consensus that dominates the media and politics in Ireland. 

Dave Cullen runs a YouTube channel called 'Computing Forever' dedicated to talking about Technology & Social Commentaries. RENUA particularly value his social commentaries on Ireland, immigration, political correctness and hyper-consumerism.



RENUA believes in the value of the Nation State and having an independent Ireland. Yoram Hazony is the author of an important book called 'The Virtue of Nationalism' that shows why nation states are the true drivers of economic innovation, security and cultural development.

"Why You Should Be a Nationalist" summarises Yaoram Hazony arguments for the virtues of nationalism.

"Europe at a Crossroads" is a conference discussion presenting a more advanced and extended exploration of Yaoram Hazony's arguments for the virtues of nationalism.


RENUA places family and protection of children at the centre of its policies. We are totally opposed to the push to introduce the UN's 'Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda' by the Fine Gael government into Irish schools. This push involves imposing compulsory and extreme ideology-based sex education on children in all primary and secondary schools including teaching 4 year-olds about masturbation, 9 year-olds about making "conscious decisions about whether to have sex or not”, about abortion as birth control and being made ‘porn literate’.

'War on Children' summarises what is happening internationally and why the international push to sexualise children must be stopped.

'Tears Of Abortion' tell the story of an abortion. RENUA is proud to be pro-life party and will resist all attempts to further 'liberalise' the law in this area.


Social cohesion is an important pillar for RENUA. Across Europe, social cohesion is being undermined by massive immigration by people from totally different cultures who have value systems that conflict with European values of tolerance, gender equality and respect for the rule of law. This mass immigration is being promoted by globalists who want to increase the supply of low cost labour in traditionally high wage countries.

The Suicide of Europe' is a short overview of the profound danger facing Europe from mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

  • 'How is Muslim Immigration to Sweden Working Out' is a short overview of the Swedish immigration experience. This is the direction that Ireland is now travelling down.

    "EU: Anti-Immigrant Speech is a Hate Crime" provides a short but important overview of the UN Migration Pact, an international 'open borders' agreement that the Irish government has signed Ireland up to without any public discussion and which the Irish media refuse to discuss. Many other countries have refused to sign the UN Migration Pact as it is designed to destroy national cultures. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    'The Strange Death of Europe' is a lecture by Douglas Murray expanding on this theme.


    'Sweden Dying to be Multicultural' explores the transformation of Sweden from a cohesive society to a fragmented multicultural society with strict restrictions on free speech, where the State and mainstream media refuse to report what has happened to their society. This has strong parallels with what is now happening in Ireland. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    "The UN Migration Pact, Europe & Ireland"  is a commentary by Dave Cullen from Computing Forever.


    RENUA represents the voters who are not represented by the globalist thinking that currently dominates Irish political parties.

    'Deplorables', is a short UK film from spiked-online.com about the people who had long been forgotten, but now cannot be ignored - from the US Rust Belt to the UK Essex coast.

    'Charlie Rose: Interview with Sir James Goldsmith' is an important video from the 1990s where billionaire Sir James Goldsmith talks about the real reasons behind globalisation, open borders and free trade deals and the negative social implications that will inevitably arise. Although the visual quality of the video is poor, Goldsmith's analysis and predictions about what will happen are extremely accurate. This is a highly educational video. 


    RENUA are a party of common sense, not political correctness. Douglas Murray is an important international conservative thinker and the author of a number of important and best-selling books including 'The Strange Death of Europe' (about the dangers of Islamic immigration) and 'The Madness of Crowds' (on gender, race and identity politics). Both books are well researched, challenge political correctness, are very readable, disturbing and strongly recommended by RENUA.

    'The Madness of Crowds' introduce Douglas Murray's ideas on political correctness.


  • 'Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids' outlines the Marxist agenda behind "identity politics" and how it has infected third level education across the West.

  • This Spectator video on 'Identity Politics' expands on Douglas Murray's ideas on the growing tyranny of political correctness.

    RENUA are a conservative party based on common sense and the protection of personal freedom. 

    'Sir Roger Scruton: How to Be a Conservative' presents a formally trained political philosopher, talking about his life and the events he’s witnessed that led him to conservatism.

    'Why is Marxism So Attractive' explores the persistent appeal and danger of Marxism disguised in different forms is explained.

    'Why Marxism Cannot Work' outlines why Marxism (and socialism in all its forms) is inherently flawed.