‘’The ongoing failure of Junior Minister Pat Breen to provide full disclosure on his role in the Mc Court controversy is unsustainable and unacceptable’’, RENUA Ireland has said.

The party said;

‘’Mr Breen has ongoing and serious questions to answer; questions that would be asked and answered in any functioning democracy.

And if that causes embarrassment to Mr Varadkar then so be it’.

The public, particularly those waiting half a decade for broadband deserve answers to the following questions

What did and does Mr Breen know?

What was his relationship with Mr McCourt

Did he inform Mr Naughten of his relationship with Mr Mc Court?

What is the full story of the dinner in terms of the lead-up to it?

What discussions did Mr Breen have with Mr McCourt and Mr Naughten in his role as the key facilitator?

How many meetings has there actually been?

We note Mr Breen met with Mr McCourt for breakfast before the bidder went on to meet the Minister for Communications in 2016 whilst there were three previously unreported meetings, with visits on several occasions to the bidder’s home in a ‘private capacity’.

What information did he provide to the Taoiseach about this dinner?

When did the Taoiseach or did the Taoiseach seek this information?

Has he informed Mr Varadkar about further meetings?

Did Mr Varadkar ask?

What is Mr Breen’s awareness of ethics legislation in this area?

It is not enough, particularly for the hundreds of thousands of rural Irish dwellers still awaiting broadband to run their businesses or educate their children, for Mr Breen to continue, wandering around like a one-man version of the walking dead on this issue.

The Taoiseach must show authority and secure clarity on closure on an issue that has left us looking like amateurs in the world of corporate governance’’.