RENUA Ireland has said that we should praise Ireland’s public services for their collective response to the challenge posed by the recent weather conditions.

The party said that:

“Often public servants are criticised, but on this occasion, we should recognise the work that they have done in putting Ireland back on its feet.

Whether it is gritting the roads in the dark or ensuring the trains get through this is the sort of work we should recognise and highlight.

These are the people who get up early in the morning; the people Leo protects in theory but ignores in practice.

Too often public life is consumed by negativity.

This is an occasion where we can praise the council workers, the soldiers, rail workers, doctors and nurses who keep the country going every week.

The response of people, down to shovelling snow away from paths outside their homes show we are still a caring country.

It also shows we don’t need big government or Strategic Communications Czars to act in a caring and responsible way.

The state, of course, has a responsibility to look after the weak and the vulnerable.

But, we should not divest our personal responsibilities in this regard.

The good society is a country that does not need the state to prod us into acting with kindness.

A society which voluntarily looks after our neighbours and relatives is a healthier place than one which passes by.

Over the last week Ireland has proved we are still a basically healthy society.

We are a country that has faced many challenges, dealt with many difficulties and have much reform to engage in.

Last week, though, proves we have not lost that decency and that sense of community spirit and public service, that volunteer ethic that keeps a society together.


The absence of proposals for a prison building programme in Project Ireland 2040 is a glaring omission driven by an ill-judged, soft criminal justice system, RENUA Ireland has warned.

The party said:

“If we are to implement what the people want, namely tough long-term prison sentences for hardened criminals you need prisons.

The failure of Project Ireland 2040 to include a single extra prison space is an indication that the states elite are intent on continuing the current failed soft slipper policies on criminal justice.

If this state was serious about tackling the cartels, the Kinihans, the Hutches and the criminals who terrorise rural Ireland, somewhere in the multi-billion Euro blizzard of promises there would be one extra prison space.

RENUA Ireland would like to stress that not every crime merits prison time.

There are, however, more than enough dangerous serial criminals in Ireland to merit the building of an additional prison.

This would particularly be the case if the courts and the judiciary lived up to their responsibilities to imprison those who pose a threat to the lives of rural and urban dwellers alike.

The looting of Lidl and attacks on Gardai indicate that we are in a state where crime, despite all the fanciful statistics, is getting the upper hand.

It represents political negligence of the most serious sort to continue to neglect the protection of citizens.

High walls and steel bars are the best location for criminals.

We note that as far back as twenty years ago the state under then Justice Minister, Michael Mc Dowell realised that a new prison was needed in Thornton Hall.

Since then the only thing Thornton Hall has housed is weeds, rabbits and tax-payers cash.

It is a fitting monument to a drastic failure in state policy that must now be reversed with some of the €116 billion in monopoly money in Project 2040.

Under this government the only bars criminals are seeing is lounge bars.

It’s time to change this by planning, preparing and providing for the provision of a new prison.’’


RENUA Ireland has warned the government it must; ‘’show courage and take on the gathering shadow of the Vulture Funds across Ireland.

The party Leader Cllr. John Leahy states

We all as politicians have seen the consequences of Mortgage Arrears breakdown.

Broken families.

Damaged communities.

Ghost towns.

Empty farm-homes

Damaged lives.

Now, at a time where Ireland is supposed to be recovering thousands of families are to be thrown to unregulated Vulture Funds by a state supported PTSB bank.

It is unconscionable that in any civilized society that this can be allowed occur.

The government and the Central Bank should not be allowed to stand idly by.

There is neither logic nor morality behind any of these acts.

Banks who are as culpable of bad lending as borrowers were of engaging in unwise borrowing are now selling people’s homes for maybe 10 cents or 20 cents in the euro depending on the quality of the loans, to a group of people who will look for 100%.

Yet the people who own these homes cannot bid for these homes.

Why are banks selling off loans for houses when there is a housing crisis centred on supply?

At a minimum they appear to be defaulting on their responsibilities to

The state which bailed them out

Their own shareholders

Their responsibilities to their customers

Their responsibility to society … which they have even if it comes as news to them.

This is not just a financial disgrace. It is a moral abyss.

Once again ordinary people are, for convenience, being abandoned by the age-old Troika of the government, the Central Bank and the banks.

The government has once again outsourced its responsibilities … this time to Vulture Funds.

It is time they got off the fence and shouted stop’’.


RENUA Ireland believes the selection of Sligo for special city status; ‘’offers Sligo’s political and civic leaders in public life an opportunity and a challenge’’.

The party said

‘’Much of Project 2040 has been justifiably criticized.

But, these belated choices show some degree of vision and of a concept of national architecture which goes beyond the politics of the pork barrel.

The decision to prioritize Sligo and Letterkenny means Ireland possesses the opportunity to become a joined-up country.

We can move from the old culture of ‘no can do’ to ‘Yes we can’.

It also deals with the challenges posed by Brexit in a practical fashion.

We have the opportunity to ensure Sligo, Letterkenny Derry and Strabane will now lie at the heart of government policy making.

This good news story comes with caveats

Local authorities are expected to play a key role in this process

It is time local authorities now stepped up to the plate.

Councils such as Sligo must stop wasting the people’s money on frolics like Supreme Court cases over rights of way.

They must instead come up with coherent expenditure plans in areas such as Rural Regeneration which have already been re-energized by significant extra funds.

Councils should also consult with voluntary community groups such as those which led the BID process for Sligo town to ensure these funds are acquired and used.

We finally have the fiscal and structural tools to build a self-reliant Sligo and Sligo North West.

Real economic independence from Brexit on one side and the eternal curse of peripherality on the other side is within our grasp.

Let’s make sure not to waste it.

We have always had the people to make this dream a reality.

Now we finally have the tools.

Let’s use them’’



Renua Ireland has warned the Taoiseach that; ‘’how he and his Finance Minister deals with the attack of the vulture funds will define their political legacy’’.

The party said

‘’This week is decision time for Leo and Paschal.

It’s time that they stand with the people.

They should put Irish people first, chase out foreign vulture funds and do on to these enemies what St Patrick did to the snakes.

Should they fail to do so they should be assured Rural Ireland will stand up and fight the take-over by stealth of our homesteads and farms

Vulture Funds will not know this, but a risen rural people are a dangerous opponent.

We have taken governments and ministers down over the Rod Licence, Water Charges, Wind-Farms and Turf-cutting

Be assured Leo; Vultures will not be allowed to take over our farming homesteads.

Vulture Funds will not be allowed get their talons into family homesteads and farms.

Two centuries ago the Land League fought for tenant farmers and beat the British Empire.

We would advise any avaricious venture capitalists that you will pay dearly in lost time and profits if you want to take our homesteads.

We want the same as our ancestors.

We want Fair Rent; Free sale and Fixity of Tenure.

Rural Ireland will fight for these constitutional rights and we will be right.

Irish rural communities deserve more than to be turned into mausoleums, museums and visitor attractions.

We are not prepared to be turned into an economic equivalent of an Indian Reservation by our new absentee landlords.

Tread softly with us Leo and Paschal.

And tread harshly upon your current vulture friends


RENUA Ireland have warned that; ‘’long term structural problems with our apprenticeship system pose a real threat to the implementation of Project 2040’’.

The party said;

The latest findings on Apprenticeships show Project 2040 is resting on foundations of sand.

This is owing to the absence of apprenticeships in the building trade.

How can we build 25,000 houses in a scenario where in 2017, only 60 apprentices registered for Brick and Stone-laying and 34 for Plastering?

Worse still this is an ongoing problem.

It is time the Minister for Airmiles John Halligan stayed at home for a while and took a grip of his brief.

We need to be more like Germany in how we value apprenticeships or a state that once built the UK and America will face a national crisis

Education Minister Richard Bruton needs to wake up too and realize students who become apprentices should be celebrated rather than patronized.

The minister may prefer to mix with those who go to Oxford and Harvard.

But, qualified apprentices are the people who make the economy tick.

They will find this out the hard way when it comes to those plans to build 550,000 houses.

This may be a Digital First government but if we do not begin the process of securing thousands rather than dozens of tradespeople who will build and finish out all these houses?

Let them be assured computers won’t do it.

Once again, this government has signally failed to plan ahead.

We are not producing enough apprenticeships to build a housing estate.

A practical response rather than more theory is required.

Unless the government does the unglamorous hard yards of refurbishing our current semi-derelict apprenticeship scheme Project 2040 will swiftly evolve into yet another Emperor with no clothes … and worse still no houses’’.


RENUA Ireland has expressed grave concern over the ongoing denial by the government of a democratic mandate for Project Ireland 2040.

The party said

‘’Serious concerns surround the legality of many elements of this plan, particularly in areas such as housing.

Under ‘new politics’ one would have also expected a plan dealing with the allocation of €116 billion Euros of tax-payers money would require a democratic mandate.

Instead the government has;

Filibustered its own Seanad debate to ensure that no vote would be held on the controversial Project.

Confined any element of democratic accountability to closed door political proofing by Fine Gael back-benchers of the plan.

There will of course be many statements and debates on this plan.

It is however no way to determine the expenditure of €116 billion Euros of taxpayer’s money.

Significantly it was originally envisaged that the plan would have an Environmental Impact Study, and which would be voted on within both Houses of The Oireachtas.

This would have meant it was a genuinely national plan.

By contrast, without legislation to underpin it, no amount of spin from the Soviet … apologies Special Communications Unit can disguise the fact that this is a manifesto not a plan.

Political proofing by the FG parliamentary party is not the same as the peoples mandate in the Oireachtas.

The government is by taking this attitude on a €116 billion Euro infrastructural plan in grave danger of repeating the errors of wind-farming and Eirgrid.

Get the people consent before you move is RENUA Irelands advice.

If you don’t you may suffer a similar result in terms of public confidence to wind-farmers who are in full retreat across a rebel country-side’’.


Renua Ireland has warned that Fine Gael must; ‘’deal with real fears across the country that the proposals in Project Ireland 2040 are not a stealth attack on the rights of land-owners to build homes for their families … a task the government are incapable of doing’’.

The party said

‘’The government must move swiftly to ease concerns that Project Ireland is a legally dubious document that will destroy the capacity of small rural communities to build houses across a huge swathe of farming areas.

Any CAP on rural housing will lead to civil war in rural Ireland and further depress struggling small communities.

We believe any CAP on building development in areas which don’t have designated status under the plan will mean rural families who have the means and land to build on will, in the middle of a house construction crisis, be stopped from building family homes.

This is a stealth attack on rural Ireland by planners and bureaucrats who believe the only homes that should be built in rural Ireland are their own holiday homes.

It goes against all logic that in the middle of a housing crisis incorporating supply and affordability we are placing restrictions on the building of homes.

We also have grave concerns that the capacity of every town which is not a special designated town is hugely compromised.

Are big towns such as Portlaoise and Tullamore going to be discriminated against and denied the capacity to grow?

Towns which have not been chosen for special status believe they have been abandoned.

They will have to survive despite the government.

Fine Gael back-benchers are celebrating a non-existent win if you still cannot build in rural Ireland.

This plan is a three-card trick on rural Ireland.

It is a bureaucrat’s charter that will end one off housing by stealth unless it is called out’’


“Bring on the election” was the mood amidst the crowds of Cllr. John Leahy supporters who attended a pre-election dinner at Mucklagh Community Centre.

Space was at a premium and the tables were heaving as 350 supporters attended the event.

The mood was upbeat with supporters claiming that “there’s a mood in Laois Offaly for change.

Looking at the throng’s one supporter noted “Offaly needs its own Boxer. We would be a city region if Leahy was up in that Dail.

Mr Leahy thanked his supporters for turning out and said “the support of my local people is very heartening. These are the people I want to build a fair society for.”

“Politics is a hard trade but it is worth it when you see the engagement and enthusiasm here tonight. It’s time for change and more respect for Laois Offaly. We have been the forgotten counties for too long.

“The Dail will here our case and the peoples case in this hall if I am provided with the honour of representing them” he added.

I will, he said”tell it straight and take on Pravda like spin such as Project Ireland 2040. I am humbled by the attendance tonight and feel a real sense of responsibility”.


Cllr. Leahy also gave a brief outline of RENUA’s manifesto which was currently been worked on. He stated that RENUA would be campaigning on:


Taxpayer First – Taxpayers need to be included in every budget. Work needs to be rewarding.


Entrepreneurship: those who create jobs need to encouraged and supported.


Law and Order: Harden criminals and repeat offenders need to jail not bail.


Pro – Life: The only Political Party in the Country to be unequivocally Pro-Life. RENUA will be encouraging people to Choose Life in the upcoming Referendum.


Local Democracy: Bringing power back to the people


Cohesive Society: A stronger and fairer society.


One of the first decisions I made as leader of RENUA Ireland was to end the previous positioning of the party on abortion which was one of freedom of conscience. The reasoning behind this was not because I am some sort of ‘hard-liner’. It was simply informed by the belief that political parties must give clear direction. We must stand for things even if that stance is not popular or easy. It is called leadership.

In the case of RENUA Ireland the clear desire of a majority was to stand with the unborn child. This has created the scenario where, uniquely RENUA Ireland is the only party who has a clear unified stance on abortion. We have decided to choose Life.

Now, Ireland over the next six months is engaged in a battle over the future direction of our country. It is a battle on the most critical issue any society must face. How do you define ‘Life’ and how do you protect it?

The current abortion regime is not perfect. We need to find better ways to deal with the scenario where thousands of Irish women use abortion pills every year. We need to find kinder more sympathetic ways to deal with the tragedies and difficulties of fatal foetal abnormality and all aspects and forms of abortion. There is a lot of work to be done, no matter what the result is, to help and engage with women experiencing crisis pregnancies. Real work. Practical help.

Some will say we are hypocritical because abortion exists already via the back door in Ireland. It does and there is not a great deal we can do to stop it. But we can do all that we can to create a culture that values and protects the woman and the unborn child equally. And, whether the referendum is passed or defeated we need to improve the services for pregnant women in all circumstances.

There is, however, one key reason why RENUA Ireland will oppose Repeal of the Eighth. Or rather there is 170,000 of them; the 170,000 lives that have been saved since 1983. We stand with those unborn because we believe in a progressive politics of ‘human rights’. We are a party whose core social principle is the belated development of a culture of human rights for children, for working people in areas such as the right to shelter, for the elderly and in this case for the unborn.

RENUA Irelands freely chosen role in this referendum is to be the voice of the voiceless and the defender of the defenceless. It is a position that is entirely consistent with our views on outwardly different matters such as crime and the elderly for example. We oppose this referendum because we believe;

Abortion discriminates against the unborn

Abortion discriminates against those with a disability

Abortion denies the human rights of the unborn child

Abortion is a cruel and inhumane treatment of the unborn child

RENUA Ireland also opposes the creation of a new culture of death in Irish maternity hospitals and the same culture of death in GP offices without even the virtue of consultation with GP’s. Many of these are profoundly disturbed by the apparent determination of the government to turn them into front-line abortion providers without their consent.

The current situation is not perfect. But current legislation protects the mother and the child. No woman has died in an Irish hospital because of the denial of an abortion. Instead medical negligence, as in the case of Savita, is a far more dangerous threat.

Under the current legislative framework Irish hospitals are the safest in the world for pregnant women. But will that continue if the current culture of defending life at all costs is replaced by a new culture of Eugenics, Genetic engineering and to death sentences for the ‘wrong’ children.

The current advocates of Repeal the Eighth claim this would never happen and that twelve weeks is, to borrow a phrase from Swift ‘A Modest Proposal’. But, it has happened in every other country in the world where, once legalization occurs unborn children are, up to twenty-four weeks, aborted for the sin of having a cleft palate or a mental disability.

The government will say trust us on twelve weeks. But do we really think that twelve weeks will continue to be the case. Voting for twelve weeks will open the door and once opened that door will swing wider and wider from twelve to sixteen to twenty and to twenty-four weeks. Twelve weeks is only the beginning of it.

The issue as to whether we can trust politicians and the HSE on these issues is also compromised by the lead-up to this referendum. Every ‘Independent’ process from the Citizens Assembly to the Dail Committee – which even as it publicly said it wanted more Pro-Life evidence privately silenced RENUA Ireland and our expert witnesses – was in fact gerrymandered towards a pre-determined point which is the current referendum. ‘Trust us’ they say. ‘No way’, we say.

The real-truth is that our politicians want rid of abortion in Irish public life because it is ‘difficult’. They have gamed the entire lead-up to the referendum. Against that context can we really believe they are acting in good faith when it comes to their future promises about a moderate regime.

RENUA Ireland does not believe this is the case. Instead it is sadly clear that Fine Gael have been taken over by the secular sectarians who used to rule the Labour party. These same sectarians are on a mission to expel the Catholic church from every aspect of Irish Life from schools to public houses. Such indeed is their consistent hatred of anything to do with the church or old-fashioned traditions within a decade traditions such as communion or confirmation will be treated as harshly as wearing the hijab in France.

It is said by the liberal elite that governs our media that abortion is the signifier of the ‘progressive’ society. In fact, this sort of provincial aping of other bigger countries is embarrassing. RENUA Ireland contends that the truly progressive society is one which is not afraid to be different; one which protects the weakest.

Ireland should not change our values and culture so easily. They are what make us distinctive. And we should not change it merely to be praised by a few feminist academics in the Irish Times.

The next few months will be difficult ones. RENUA Ireland recognizes that there are sincere people on both sides of this agonizing debate. We will respect our opponents. But we are unflinching in our belief that the Repeal the Eighth Amendment will be a bad day’s work for our country, for women and for the weakest section of our society; the unborn twelve-week-old child. And we are equally unflinching that trusting politicians and the HSE on abortion would be an act of irresponsibility. RENUA Ireland did not start this battle for the soul of Ireland. But, we will finish it. Our opponents may have might and a mostly foreign owned media on their side. But we have right.