Sole diplomatic focus must be on brexit

Cllr John Leahy Ireland has called on the Irish Government to immediately abandon its campaign to secure a seat on the UN Security Council.Â

The party warned:

“As the Brexit negotiations continue to flounder it is time for Ireland to move into the driving seat on this issue. We need to stop hurling on the ditch on this issue and take a lead.

Given the pressures and challenges we face on Brexit, RENUA Ireland believes campaigning for a seat on the Security Council is a vanity project. A seat on the Security Council, though prestigious, is unlikely to affect our immediate or intimate interests.

By contrast the current campaign is distracting our diplomatic corps from the pressing need to build alliances amongst the EU 27 during vital Brexit negotiations.  The Irish Government now needs to stop acting like a commentator on Brexit.

We need to actively engage in direct negotiations with the UK government and other European Governments to ensure Ireland’s vital national and economic interests are protected.

The implications of Brexit for Ireland are too severe to leave in the hands of foreign bureaucrats and of countries which have no real stake in this game. Some may even secretly be planning to turn a profit on a disorderly Brexit.

By contrast, the consequences for Ireland of Brexit in terms of the Good Friday Agreement, trade, commerce and a peaceful future are existential.

We cannot be distracted from this by diplomatic frolics and embassy parlour games.

It is time instead to focus on the bread and butter of Brexit first.!

Ross Indolence Sabotaging Lives of those who get up early to go to work

RENUA Ireland has sharply criticised the inability of Minister Shane Ross to keep order in his Transport portfolio. The party noted:

“A Transport Minister can be unfortunate in having one strike. When you have three, generally you are the problem.

The ongoing disruption in Ireland’s transport infrastructure is the consequence of a lack of vision and leadership by Minister Ross.

The consequence of this latest strike is ever greater hardship for those who get up early to go to work.

However, it is difficult to believe that his Transport Minister knows they even exist.

If they are a stranger to him; increasingly it is clear that Mr Ross’s Department and it’s goings on are a mystery to him.

Indeed it is such a mystery to the Minister at one point recently the four state transport companies did not have a Chairperson.

When it comes to this latest series of Irish Rail strikes RENUA Ireland is particularly concerned by the absence of a stakeholder forum which would include all transport companies which was promised after the Bus Eireann strike.

This appears to have swiftly evolved into another broken promise. It is another example of how the Minister is invisible both in times of strife and their aftermath.

Irish Rail is a company facing into an uncertain future which needs leadership from the top.

It is time the Minister woke up, left the Department of Justice, entered the doors of his own Department and provided this leadership.

Instead, in a time of growing crisis for a part of our transport infrastructure which is so vital for the connectivity of rural Ireland, the doors of the Department are shut.

Dialogue and leadership from the Minister, not the politics of laissez-faire laissez-passer, is required to resolve the problems besetting a company with an uncertain future.

It would be a good idea if the Minister started this process today.”

Renua Will Reform And Replace Human Rights Body


Chair of Renua Ireland and disability spokesperson Michael O’Dowd has vowed that their party will reform and replace the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) in light of the evidence they gave to the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th Amendment. ‘The Commission has lost all credibility especially in relation to dealing with people with a disability.’
The IHRECs call to abolish the 8th Amendment and replace it with light-touch regulation will result in the withdrawal of the most fundamental right of all, the right to life, for the most vulnerable in our society. A Human Rights Body which demands less human rights is a Human Rights Body which has lost its way.
A recent report from the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is relevant as are their comments on the UK policy on disability-selective abortion: Yet this was not brought to the attention of the Oireachtas Committee by the IHREC either in their direct evidence or in their back up documentation.
The report stated that the UN Committee were concerned about perceptions in UK society stigmatizing persons with disabilities as living a life of less value and allowing the termination of pregnancy at any stage on the basis of foetal impairment. The UN Committee recommended that the UK changed its abortion law accordingly so as not to ‘legalize selective abortions on ground of foetus deficiency.’
It is clear that Human Rights in Ireland has been hijacked by the pro-abortion movement but what is truly shocking is that the IHREC was silent on the recommendations of the Citizens Assembly to specifically single out aborting an unborn child who has a disability. The central core of the human rights concept is that we possess our rights not through power, privilege or special gift but by virtue of our mere humanity. All human beings possess the same value and dignity, endorsing the destruction of children in utero because they are in some way disabled is a flat-out contradiction of that principle and The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission silence on this issue is dismaying.
It is being proposed that the IHREC will have an oversight responsibility if and when the Convention on the Rights of People with a Disability is ratified by the Irish Government. Renua will oppose this. As long as the IHREC continues as presently configured no Irish person or political party can have any confidence in them or could consider granting them any oversight role in implementing the UN Convention. It must go