‘’The status of Irelands children’s hospital as the most expensive in the world is an indictment of the generalized incompetence of the HSE and their political masters’’ RENUA Ireland has said.

The party said;

‘’Sick children are being gravely failed by the endemic incompetence of an HSE that is running loose beyond control and politicians that are incapable of or afraid to rein them in.

The development of a modern Children’s hospital is a critical step in building a modern health system which protects the most vulnerable at the earliest point in their lives.

Instead sick children must experience second class facilities whilst bureaucrat’s squabble and politicians dither.

We are in a bad space when Bertie Ahern can give us lessons in fiscal rectitude.

The former Taoiseach accurately noted this hospital could have been built for €250 million had his plan been followed. Now as we head towards a two billion Euro ultimate bill Simon Harris has serious questions to answer.

The minister’s eye has been off the off the ball during the most recent €400 million Euro increase.

The Minister appear to have been seduced by the applause he has received on social media over the social agenda he voluntarily took upon himself.

It is time he returns to the day job and does that which we pay him to do; to save and protect life.

Mr Harris must now, that his apprenticeship is over, get into the trenches and take on the vested interests and endemic ineptitude that are holding back the progress of the health system.

He certainly needs to evolve a more sophisticated response to the failures of the Irish Health services than permanent startled surprise.

Developments across the entire health service, including a new Maternity Hospital, have been postponed because of this fiscal disaster.

The Minister must take accountability for this and explain to the public how we have gone on a ‘journey’ from €250 million to €1.4 billion.

This entire issue raises serious questions about the future of infrastructural development in Ireland.

It is almost impossible now to develop infrastructure in Dublin at a reasonable price and over a reasonable time-line.

The HSE must consider the virtues of locating future developments across Ireland rather than taking the current Dublin-centric approach.

Plenty of towns and hospitals across the state would be more than willing to facilitate future developments for far less’’.


‘’Irelands courts appear to be more determined to release rapists and murderers than jail them’’, RENUA has claimed.

Commenting on the Graham Dwyer verdict Renua said;

‘’Working people are experiencing a crisis of confidence in the courts.

Each week we hear of another heinous crime being committed by some recidivist criminal on bail.

Often it appears to be the case that our current caste of libertarian judges would prefer to send those guilty of serious crime to therapy rather than jail.

Of course, prison should be set up to reform and help those who end up there.

But concepts such as punishment and lock-up are not dirty words.

They are necessary to compel the depraved to behave and to protect the innocent.

Our soft slippered liberal judges seem to have forgotten this’’.

The party said of the Dwyer result;

‘’This may be legally correct, but it punctures a further hole in public confidence in a courts system.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan must now move quickly to modernize legislation on this issue.

It is time the Minister got ahead of the game instead of constantly chasing the bus’’.

Renua also slammed the call by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties for the government to move quickly to introduce comprehensive data-retention legislation that fully respects individual rights.

The party said;

‘‘It’s time this overblown quango respected and defended the civil rights of victims.

Frankly they are a disgrace and should not be funded by government.

They are when it comes to crime the enemies of working people and should be called out on this issue’’.


RENUA Ireland have called on the government to; ‘’come clean on its plans for a swathe of new carbon taxes to balance the books’’.

The party was commenting on concerns that the government are planning to introduce over two billion Euros in carbon taxes to pay for the Taoiseach’s proposed tax cuts.

The party warned;

‘’if tax cuts are to be paid for via the usual three-card trick politics carbon taxes should not be used to fill the gap.

It will take an annual increase of carbon taxes of €20 Euros per tonne over five years to pay for the Taoiseach’s proposals on carbon tax.

Carbon taxes should be about changing behaviour not raising Revenue.

Their imposition should also be sensitive to concerns that such taxes would devastate the rural economy.

This is totally absent from the government’s proposals which would see the following increases

Auto Diesel – plus €827 million

Petrol – plus €275 million

Kerosene – plus €297 million

Marked Gas Oil – plus €294 million

LPG – plus €49 million

Fuel Oil – plus €9 million

Natural Gas – plus €269 million

Peat Briquettes – plus €26 million

Coal – plus €85 million

Such increases will make it almost impossible for rural Ireland to operate.

Briquettes and a sack of coal will become luxury items for pensioners.

Rural Ireland is not prepared to pay the price for the electoral ambitions of Leo Varadkar.

The government must clean on its plans now or they may find they will be dealing far more swiftly with the rural Irish version of the yellow jackets than they expect’’.


Renua Ireland has warned; ‘’a dangerous lack of clarity now surrounds the rights of land-owners to remove dangerous criminals and trespassers from their farms’’.

The party warned;

‘’Such is the absence of legal certainty about their rights farmers may, in the absence of appropriate legislation be forced into serious self-defence measures such as being forced to resort to pitchforks and shot-guns to defend their farms.

Trespass laws need to be strengthened swiftly and brought into the criminal framework.

Currently if farmers identify people trespassing on their land, they cannot avail of the criminal law or call the Gardai unless there is an actual threat or criminal damage has been done.

This is not good enough within a current scenario where farmers are being haunted and stalked on their own land by thieves and rustlers.

Trespass is no longer about stealing apples or shooting rabbits.

It is used as a highly sophisticated surveillance tool by recidivist criminal gangs.

In Dublin such an individual hanging around some-ones back garden would be arrested immediately.

By contrast a completely different and inevitably inferior standard applies to rural Ireland.

Civil courts are utterly ineffectual in dealing with farmer concerns over trespass.

The government must move swiftly to resolve this gap before farmers move to more traditional methods to defend their property.


RENUA Ireland have told Health minister Simon Harris he must; ‘’publicly move to assure patients in hospitals they will not be pursued by debt collectors’’.

The party said;

‘’Reports that patients are being pursued by debt collectors are, if true, representative of a new low.

Nothing empties a family’s purse more speedily than illness.

Nothing stops or halts recovery more speedily than worries over finance.

Chasing the ill is an utter reversal of the ethos of a public health system.

We seek an immediate declaration from the Minister that;

The HSE have not hired debt collection agencies to pursue unpaid statutory charges

That public hospitals have not hired debt collection agencies

That patients are not being pursued by debt collection agencies or the ruthless State Claims Agencies.

It is not enough for Mr Harris to simply say this is a matter for the HSE.

That is a dereliction of responsibility which is all too typical of new politics.

The ill do not need to see the Viper and his likes turning up with a demand form.

It’s time for the Minister to move to assure citizens this has not and will not happen.

The most appalling feature of this scenario is that those who will be most affected are working people who pay for everything.

They are the patients who between rent, mortgage and child-care cannot afford surprise bills and stealth taxes.

Once again those who can least afford it, working people, face the prospect of the Viper turning up at the door as part of their recovery.

Simon Harris must now move immediately to assure such people do not have to worry”


RENUA Ireland have warned the government; ’it is going to have to realize that it will face a winter and spring of discontent if it does not mend its ways’’.

The party said

‘’the rise of a plethora of new parties is symptomatic of growing discontent.

The voters though should note that RENUA Ireland is the only party which has consistently named and shamed these issues and stick with us.

We warned of

The coming housing Armageddon

The rise of sectarian secularists who want to evict the church from civic life

Failed child care services run now by the same sectarian secularists

The economic partition of Ireland and the transformation of rural Ireland into an economic Indian reservation.

The simultaneous turning of rural Ireland into a playground for criminals

A two-tiered justice system where the judiciary defy the peoples will on bail without consequence … except for hundreds of raped and murdered citizens

The developing of a two-tiered tax system where workers pay millionaire tax rates and millionaires pay no tax at all.

We say now; Leo watch out

A hard winter is often followed by an even worse spring.

And you are certainly heading in that direction.

Do not fret though.

RENUA Ireland has the plans and policies to build a political spring.

You should give us a call some time’’.


Renua Ireland has slammed the failure of the government to; ‘’meet its ambitious plans to ensure Ireland meets its carbon targets for 2030 in the simplest of practical of manners’’.

The party Leader Cllr. John Leahy said;

This is epitomized by the failure when it comes to the provision of the simplest piece of infra-structure; fast charging points for electric cars.

All this fancy talk of electrified rail systems and the end of the age of diesel are utterly undercut by the most recent figures that reveal that the number of fast-charger for electric cars has increased by three from 77 in 2017 to 80 in 2018.

There are a further 800 standard charging points spread erratically across the country, but a full re-charge on those can take from one to eight hours.

By contrast a fast charge point can do the same task in twenty-five minutes.

How can the government meet its so-called targets when fast electric vehicle chargers are as rare and as invisible as the corn-crake.

One of the main concern’s motorists have about switching to electric or hybrid is the ability to charge up their vehicle without having to spend time looking for a charging point.

Under the current system however it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Even where there are chargers many are vandalized or un-usable.

If the government is serious about climate reform it should be installing thousands of charge-points.

An increase of three is risible.

Some-one should tell the government that like diesel and our old-fashioned cars electric chargers are needed if electric cars are to run.

Instead, like rural broadband the great plan for electric cars exists in theory rather than practice.


‘’Nothing brings the law into greater disrepute than the failure to enforce it’’, RENUA Ireland has warned.

The party was responding to the controversial decision of a Judge to impose a suspended two-year sentence to a husband who breached a barring order and raped his wife.

The party said

Judicial independence and the separation of powers between the judiciary and politics are critical features of any functioning Republic.

The problem here is the law in our Republic, and in particular sentencing is not working.

The concept of a heinous crime appears to have been lost when it comes to issues such as rape.

When the law fails the people it quickly falls into disrepute.

Suspending a sentence that was already hardly worth spit, to borrow a phrase, simply because the defendant was tense and stressed and might lose their job will have that consequence.

Rape and sexual assault carry lifetime consequences.

Sentencing must reflect and respect this.

Last year the District Court issued 5,006 protection orders.

The question which surely arises after this sentence is why bother seeking an order if those who breach it face no consequences?

Our Judiciary are fatally out of touch with the nature of modern crime.

They are fatally centred with a soft liberal centred socialist ethic which consistently prioritizes the rights of the criminal and which ignores the victim.

This is seriously undermining the morale of hard working Gardai who investigate cases, collate the evidence and charge a suspect only to see them walk free with a pat on the head and best wishes from the Judge whilst victims cry, ignored, in the back of the court-room.

Our Judges have been on political probation for too long.

We need to limit Judicial discretion in sentencing with a regime of strict sentencing guidelines from which judges can only deviate with a detailed explanation.

It’s called accountability and it is as beneficial for Judges as the rest of our citizenry’’.


RENUA Ireland has warned that; ‘’real lessons need to be learnt from the debacle of our Presidential election’’.

The party said;

‘’Few elections have brought politics into more disrepute than the circus we have experienced over the last four weeks.

What is clear is that a dangerous coarsening of public debate has occurred where serious accusations of racism have been thrown around like snuff at a wake.

A school of liberal fascism has emerged whose response to contrarian positions consists of a hysterical form of tyranny.

This poses a far greater threat to Irish democracy than the contrarian and occasionally odd positions of Peter Casey.

Something of Orwell and 1984 surrounded the hounding of Joan Freeman over her fitness for office because she voted for ‘Life’ in the Repeal the Eighth referendum.

This is dog-whistle politics of a Trumpian type.

Democracy is about more than a tyranny of numbers … or at least it once allowed for a respectful contest of ideas.

RENUA Ireland also condemns the ongoing disparagement of entrepreneurs by a group of gilded government advocates who have never worked a day in their lives.

Entrepreneurs, lest we forget, create jobs and opportunity and most important of all the tax receipts for those advocates.

This election has served one purpose at least.

It has revealed how corroded Irish democracy has become and the threat our liberal fascists now pose to freedom of speech.

Hopefully who-ever wins will confront these issues’’.


Renua Ireland has warned that; ‘’the current government policy of light touch regulation for Facebook and social media must end’’.

The party said;

‘’Ireland when it comes to regulation of the internet is in real danger of repeating the mistakes made when it came to the light touch regulation of the banks in the Celtic Tiger era.

Back in the heyday of Patrick Neary all that anyone who dared to criticize light touch regulation was scoffed at.

They were dinosaurs who were behind the new times.

Insiders we were told could be trusted to regulate insiders.

We know how that exercise ended.

It would never end any other way.

Insiders regulating insiders almost always turns into a conspiracy against the public.

In that regard RENUA Ireland is deeply concerned about the personnel on the new internet safety advisory committee.

The new board may be well intentioned.

But there is a fatal absence of diversity in its ranks.

All institutions when it comes to their boards need to be challenged.

But this board looks more like a welcome mat.

It is good that we have an internet safety advisory committee

And we need the expertise of Google Vodafone and the rest of the agencies that have been selected.

It is a matter of grave unease the committee is so dominated by those who want the digital age of consent cut to 13.

That goes against the will of the Dail and more importantly the public.

Increasingly smart parents and smart schools want greater regulation of what children can see and access.

The government should show respect, listen to them and end the current Wild West culture’’.