‘’The ongoing failure of Junior Minister Pat Breen to provide full disclosure on his role in the Mc Court controversy is unsustainable and unacceptable’’, RENUA Ireland has said.

The party said;

‘’Mr Breen has ongoing and serious questions to answer; questions that would be asked and answered in any functioning democracy.

And if that causes embarrassment to Mr Varadkar then so be it’.

The public, particularly those waiting half a decade for broadband deserve answers to the following questions

What did and does Mr Breen know?

What was his relationship with Mr McCourt

Did he inform Mr Naughten of his relationship with Mr Mc Court?

What is the full story of the dinner in terms of the lead-up to it?

What discussions did Mr Breen have with Mr McCourt and Mr Naughten in his role as the key facilitator?

How many meetings has there actually been?

We note Mr Breen met with Mr McCourt for breakfast before the bidder went on to meet the Minister for Communications in 2016 whilst there were three previously unreported meetings, with visits on several occasions to the bidder’s home in a ‘private capacity’.

What information did he provide to the Taoiseach about this dinner?

When did the Taoiseach or did the Taoiseach seek this information?

Has he informed Mr Varadkar about further meetings?

Did Mr Varadkar ask?

What is Mr Breen’s awareness of ethics legislation in this area?

It is not enough, particularly for the hundreds of thousands of rural Irish dwellers still awaiting broadband to run their businesses or educate their children, for Mr Breen to continue, wandering around like a one-man version of the walking dead on this issue.

The Taoiseach must show authority and secure clarity on closure on an issue that has left us looking like amateurs in the world of corporate governance’’.


RENUA Ireland leader John Leahy has warned that the current; ‘’state sponsored betrayal of working families must be tackled and called out’’.

Mr Leahy said;

‘’A state that cannot house its people has failed and a party that cannot house our people is politically bankrupt.

The appalling spectacle, at a time of housing unavailability where state land is being pitched for sale to private landlords typifies this governments abandonment of working people’’.

Commenting on the revelation that investors spent more than €1.2bn last year on 4,745 homes last year Mr Leahy said;

‘’this government is sleepwalking into a scenario where once again foreign landlords will control the housing rights of Irish citizens.

Two centuries of progress will be overturned.

This is not just a Dublin centred problem either.

If the current process continues it will soon be as hard for working people to buy a house in Tullamore as London; let alone Dublin.

Increasingly even families on good incomes are at risk of homelessness as they are priced out of the house purchase and rental markets.

Eoghan Murphy has been more inert in dealing with this than Rip Van Winkle.

If he had built as many houses as the number of policy documents he has launched, we would not be in crisis.

Sadly, he hasn’t, we are in a crisis and it is time the government responded appropriately.

In fact, it is time it responded full stop’’.


RENUA Ireland leader John Leahy has noted that; ‘’the ongoing triumph of the bureaucrats within the HSE leaves the world of Yes Minister looking entirely normal’’.

The RENUA Ireland leader was commenting on revelations that as the amount of nurses and doctors in the HSE tumble the amount of senior managers has risen to 1,329 from 744 six years ago.
Mr Leahy noted;

‘’This reminds me of the famous story in Yes Minister about a hospital that wins the best hospital award in the NHS because it is full of bureaucrats and has no patients.

In Ireland we are not too far from the cruel reality where truth really is stranger than fiction.

There is something dysfunctional about a scenario where there are three thousand fewer nurses in the HSE than six years ago, but we need 600 extra top bureaucrats to manage the missing nurses.

What are they managing … fresh air?

All these bureaucrats have not led to cost-savings and better services.

Instead we now have more overcrowding, more waiting lists and more bureaucrats.

It is clear that bureaucrats are now being hired to manage bureaucrats.

In the case of Laois-Offaly it is even worse for bureaucrats are being hire to close services.

Sadly, so far, the sole response of the government has been to launch a Slainte-care plan that has no timing and no funding.

You would not run a pub in the way the HSE is not being run.

It is time for real reform or Ireland will repeat the mistakes of the past as tragedy’’.


Renua Ireland leader John Leahy has said ‘’Irish politicians must recreate the spirit of the Land League to deal with housing profiteers and rack-renters’’.

Commenting on the systemic scale of the Irish housing crisis Mr Leahy said;

‘’Politicians must unite to challenge the plans of our state banks to get into bed with vultures of every hue.

We are currently experiencing the Mortgage Arrears equivalent of the Cold War domino theory.

Once one bank falls all will fall very willingly.

What is needed on a political level, initially is the recall of the Dail Finance Committee to cross examine the banks on this volte face.

But what we also need is a united charter for the defence of the people based on a modern variant of the famous three F’s from Davitt’s Land League of a century and a half ago

Ironically even today we do not have Fair Rent, Free Sale and Fixity of Tenure … and we certainly do not have them under a vulture fund.

Outside of modern variants of Fair Rent and Fixity of Tenure these could include;

Not one compliant person in Mortgage Arrears to be left behind for the vultures.

No second and third tax-payer bail-out for the banks

No compliant Mortgage-Holder’s house should be sold to a Vulture Fund

No sale of family homes to Vulture Funds without representation – the Irish equivalent of no taxation without representation.

No sale of the family farm

No sale of family homes to vultures if the consequence is that the family must go into social housing.

Unless we stand up to the banks they will not stop trampling us’’.


RENUA Ireland leader John Leahy has warned the governments new pension plan; ‘’will turn into a stealth tax if it is not monitored closely’’.

Commenting on proposals by Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty that a new scheme will see workers contributing up to 6pc of their wages to a private pension, with that amount matched by employers Mr Leahy said;

‘’All that glitters is not gold and with this government is more often than not anything that glitters is fools gold.

My concern, with this scheme is that, unless our bureaucrats are closely monitored, is that this will become a stealth tax.

There is a real danger that this will evolve into USC under another name.

It is ‘voluntary’ for now, but will it stay that way.

It is also a scheme that is utterly irrelevant to the needs of working people.

Working people do not have a spare six percent for pensions

Unlike the bureaucrats who devised it who get the cheque at the end of the month every month they are living hand to mouth.

They do not have 6% in spare change from their wages.

Employers, particularly SME’s will also struggle to match these demands.

Firms will close, and jobs will be lost for a scheme which, as constituted will not benefit low paid workers’’.

Auto-enrolment is supposed to be aimed at low to middle-income earners who do not have private pensions.

But these are the very people who cannot afford it.

There is a need for greater pension provision.

People, though, must have choice.

A scheme like the SSIA would be far more appropriate

Any scheme to be run by a central authority that will command respect; like the NTMA or the Revenue.

Public confidence would not be high about entrusting our fly by night state with billions of Euros of tax-payers money every year.

That hasn’t ended well in the past and it won’t end well now’’.


RENUA Ireland has expressed grave concern over the apparent indifference of the Finance and Agriculture ministers to the growing threat to rural Ireland poses by Vulture Funds’’.

Mr Leahy said;

Micheal Noonan once noted that vultures in the wild are useful creatures and he may be correct.

The problem is that whilst wild vultures feed on the dead our banking vultures attack the living.

The governments indifference on this issue leaves it open to the charge of unleashing a plague upon rural Ireland.

To date the vultures have held back on rural Ireland because they have been distracted by commercial property.

They are now however waiting on the fence posts preparing to strike.

RENUA Ireland warns any-one dealing with vulture funds that there will be no compromises or settlements from vulture funds.

They will simply be looking to sell your lands and homes as quickly as they can to any-one except you.

There can be no negotiations with vultures unless they commit to a long-term presence in Ireland.

When it comes to our homesteads the position must be not an inch without a guarantee of families staying in their homes.

RENUA Ireland believes the best long-term policy for vultures would be for the state and people to chase vultures out of Ireland.

Sadly, all precedents to date suggest that the people will be alone in taking on the vultures.

We warn them in advance though that we will make The Field, by JB Keane, look like a comedy when it comes to our not a yard not a field stance.

Rural Ireland has seen off many land-grabbers before and our vulture friends will experience a similar fate.’’


RENUA Ireland have warned the current civic unrest is a powder keg waiting to explode.

Party leader John Leahy warned;

‘’Ireland is sitting on a powder-keg when it comes to housing.

Critically affordable housing is at the heart of this crisis.

Once again, on this issue, low to middle paid workers are the forgotten people.

Ignored and patronised

What we saw at that house in Dublin is a symptom of a gathering crisis where the full fault lies with Leo and FG.

I would expect that if we are short of houses government would realize the solution is to build more.

Our government apparently is too clever to fall for that trap

A state that cannot house its gardai teachers and tradespeople is failing.

If the mortgage arrears tsunami is not ended; we will have real rather than pretend protests.

Ultimately the spark that is most likely to ignite social unrest is vulture funds

Over the summer this was like the cold war domino theory.

One bank then the next and the next put their toe in the water and when government and Paschal didn’t object they betrayed all their customers

Vultures have surrounded small rural farmers

They are up on the wires with their hooked beaks looking down at us.

The small farmer and the small community are being targeted for now.

But Vulture Funds be warned; we will make The Field look like Love Actually if you do not depart swiftly.


RENUA Ireland leader Cllr. John Leahy have slammed the celebrations that have surrounded the cancellation of the visit of Donald Trump.

Mr Leahy said

‘’The soft Students Union Sociology style politics that have dominated the response to President Trump are contemptible.

They are also cowardly.

Politicians such as Aodhan O’Riordan who shout loudest about Trump squeak but lightly when it comes to Putin, Syria and China.

I reject the claim by Aodhan O’Riordan that the outpouring of objections to this visit has had the desired effect.

Many Irish people are Trump supporters but are being silenced by the raucous screams of the left.

Given Americas close economic ties and its role in the peace process it would have been far preferable for Mr Trump to be greeted with respect’’.

Mr Leahy added:

“I am even more gravely concerned by the government.

They remained resolutely glued to the fence when real leadership was required.

Foreign Affairs should be informed by more serious values than Twitter polls.

Increasingly though the opposite is the case.

I warn Mr Varadkar now that a nation which abandons its allies so easily swiftly loses respect and friends’’.


RENUA Ireland would like to offer our full support to the Gardai involved in the eviction stand-off in Dublin.

The party leader John Leahy said;

‘’The politically opportunistic attacks on the Gardai who dealt so competently with a very difficult situation are a disgrace.

Gardai are entitled to protect themselves from Facebook and internet warriors in situations such as this.

The response of the Hard Left has been particularly disgraceful.

They should be asking what is wrong with a society where Gardai have to disguise their identity to work in safety.

This is not the first time the health and safety of working gardai was compromised by political opportunists of the left.

Remember Jobs-town.

Some apparently don’t.

But RENUA Ireland does.

Like the Jobs-town riots Gardai were placed in an appalling situation by left wing political mercenaries.

Whatever actions they took to protect their safety I and RENUA Ireland back one hundred percent’’.

‘’All tax and no spend government offering the worst of both worlds as faceless mandarins restore the bad old days’’ Leahy warning

RENUA Ireland leader cllr. John Leahy has warned that; ‘’the Government is turning into an all tax and no spend contradiction in terms.’’   

The RENUA Ireland leader said;

‘’Some-one is going to have to sound the alarm over the direction that fiscal policy in this country is taking.

The latest proposal by faceless mandarins in Finance that the government will raise €433 million by introducing a 43 per cent income tax rate for workers earning more than €80,000 a year is another example of how this government offers us the worst of all worlds.

Just like the 70’s they tax high and they spend low.

Increasing even further the tax paid by those who work hard to earn more than €80,000 a year is another attack on enterprise by book balancing bureaucrats.

It utterly fails to take into account that such families are paying hefty mortgages, unsubsidized childcare fees or third level fees.

There may be a defence on levying the rate only on earnings of more than €120,000 which would yield €280 million.

At the €80,000 income range it will be a greater dampener to enterprise and ambition than the current policy of imposing millionaire tax rates on those earning less than the average industrial wage.

In passing it should be noted that such a move would merely bring the top tax rate levied on PAYE workers into line with that paid by the self-employed, who currently pay a three-percentage-point universal social charge surcharge on incomes of €100,000 and more.

Increasingly working people in Ireland feel they would be better off on the dole where they would be cherished and valued by the state instead of being garnished by the state.

Given the current context who would blame them’’.