‘’The conspiracy of political silence over the Mail on Sunday and Irish Times disclosures about the failure of the Irish sea fishing authorities to adequately police Irelands threatened fisheries is a grave abdication of responsibility too far’’ RENUA Ireland has claimed.

The party said;

‘’the concerns detailed, again by a whistle blower merit immediate rigorous investigation.

The last thing that Ireland needs is a Beef Tribunal II.

Once again though, as part of a consistent pattern across all the agencies of the state grave concerns have been raised about yet another regulators capacity to regulate.

Once again it takes an audit from the EU to warn us that the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) needs extra control measures.

Once again, the spectre of regulatory capture is being raised in a compelling fashion.

Once again it takes a whistle-blower to reveal that concerns since 2014 and 2015 have existed over discrepancies in more than twenty trawlers between their capacity to hold fish and documented fish catch sizes.

Once again, when questions were raised no investigations let alone prosecutions occurred as the authority opted to ‘work with’ the industry rather than attempt prosecutions.

Even the pre-crash banks were supervised more closely than that.

RENUA Ireland now requires an immediate independent investigation of whether Irish boats have underdeclared and laundered millions of Euros of fish.

This is not a victimless action.

In this case the victims are compliant fishermen who are seeing the decimation of their fish stocks by pirates.

We also require an immediate Dail investigation into the actions or absence of actions of the SFPA; an authority which costs tax-payers ten million Euros per annum.

If a shop-keeper has one ice-cream too many in their fridges all the powers of the state drop out of the sky to resolve and penalize the crisis.

Why then was there such institutionalized inertia when it comes to a resource that is struggling to remain sustainable?

We also require an explanation for the littering of the sea-bed with fish carcasses and an immediate look-back audit.

Fisheries are a precious natural resource that create sustainable jobs for hard working communities who have few other opportunities.

It is appalling to contemplate that private greed and state inertia has been allowed to flourish for so long and to do so much damage.

The politically convenient conspiracy of silence must end now.

The Minister must move instead to find out the truth voluntarily before, like the Goodman Beef Tribunal, he is compelled to do so’’.