RENUA Ireland have warned the current civic unrest is a powder keg waiting to explode.

Party leader John Leahy warned;

‘’Ireland is sitting on a powder-keg when it comes to housing.

Critically affordable housing is at the heart of this crisis.

Once again, on this issue, low to middle paid workers are the forgotten people.

Ignored and patronised

What we saw at that house in Dublin is a symptom of a gathering crisis where the full fault lies with Leo and FG.

I would expect that if we are short of houses government would realize the solution is to build more.

Our government apparently is too clever to fall for that trap

A state that cannot house its gardai teachers and tradespeople is failing.

If the mortgage arrears tsunami is not ended; we will have real rather than pretend protests.

Ultimately the spark that is most likely to ignite social unrest is vulture funds

Over the summer this was like the cold war domino theory.

One bank then the next and the next put their toe in the water and when government and Paschal didn’t object they betrayed all their customers

Vultures have surrounded small rural farmers

They are up on the wires with their hooked beaks looking down at us.

The small farmer and the small community are being targeted for now.

But Vulture Funds be warned; we will make The Field look like Love Actually if you do not depart swiftly.