Fianna Fáil & The 8th Amendment – Is Micheal Martin a pro abortion leader of a Pro Life party? – Time to come clean.

On October 18th 2017 15 out of 20 elected representatives voted to diminish the constitutional rights of the unborn by supporting an Oireachtas Committee on the 8th Amendment motion which states

“that Article 40.3.3 not be retained in full”.


To be clear, Article 40.3.3 (The 8th Amendment) is the Constitutional Amendment which secures for the unborn, regardless of disability, gender or the economic circumstances of the Mother, the most fundamental right of all – the right to life.


We note with disappointment the decision of the majority of FF and FG representatives on the Committee to support this regressive motion.


The motion was seconded by FF TD Lisa Chambers and supported by FF TD Billy Kelleher and FF Senator Ned O’Sullivan.  FF TD’s Anne Rabbitte and James Browne decided not to make a decision and abstained.


It is deeply disconcerting that all FF representatives on this committee chose to ignore the welcome and positive decision of FF delegates at last week-enda’s Árd Fheis to ‘oppose any attempt to diminish the constitutional rights of the unborn’.


FF grassroots members have now been cut adrift by their Parliamentary Party who have instead decided to embrace SF, The Labour Party, Social Democrats,People Before Profit and other representatives of the extreme Left and reduce the rights of the unborn.


It is now incumbent on each and every FF and FG Parliamentary Party member to state clearly and unambiguously where they stand on this issue..

We also ask FF Leader Michael Martin to explain to the Irish people how his Parliamentary colleagues could so casually ignore the views of the grassroots members of FF, expressed so clearly just four days ago.


Mr Martin has built a career on staying silent or speaking out of both sides of his mouth on key issues – his 14 years in cabinet where the seeds of Ireland’s economic collapse were sown is proof of that.


However, Mr Martin can no longer stay silent on this fundamental issue. Micheal Martin needs to advise the public as to whether or not he is a Pro abortion leader of a Pro Life Party. It’s time for Micheal Martin to “come clean” with the Irish people.


Renua once again commits itself to campaigning for the retention of the 8th Amendment.  Our position is clear and unambiguous.  We support the retention of the 8th Amendment.  No “If’s”.  No “But’s”.  No “Maybes”.


Michael Farrington