‘’Justice Minister Charles Flanagan must abandon his current laissez faire laissez passer attitude on the threat posed by Islamic terror’’ RENUA Ireland has warned.

The party said;

‘’The Justice Minister is far too casual and far too sanguine about the threat posed by terror.

His dismissive attitude needs to change.

For an initial step Mr Flanagan must move to ensure all Islamic terrorist groups are included in the current list of proscribed bodies.

These organizations are viler and more dangerous than the IRA.

Mr Flanagan must also move to ensure that we can on an emergency basis intern those who pose a potential threat to the people.

It is past time a minister who has become far too comfortable in himself abandons the current ostrich position of hiding his head in the sand in the hope that if he doesn’t see it then it doesn’t exist.

Despite the minister’s over-confidence there is no backstop which means Islamic terror ends at the borders of the UK.

On an issue of such import to the security of the people foresight is not a bonus.

It is a necessity; given that the consequences of the bad old politics of hindsight are so grave.

Mr Flanagan has been sleeping on the job.

It should in passing be noted that this is the same Minister Flanagan promised new anti-terror laws “within weeks” in January 2015 to deal with returning ISIS terrorists after terror attacks in France and Belgium.

We need not say that no legislation followed.

To date the Rip van Winkle of government has been lucky.

Terrorists only need, though to get lucky once.

The old policy of Tweets, keeping the head down and laissez faire laissez passer is no longer adequate.

Mr Flanagan needs to wake up and assure the people they are adequately protected from Islamic terror’’.