RENUA Ireland have warned the government; ’it is going to have to realize that it will face a winter and spring of discontent if it does not mend its ways’’.

The party said

‘’the rise of a plethora of new parties is symptomatic of growing discontent.

The voters though should note that RENUA Ireland is the only party which has consistently named and shamed these issues and stick with us.

We warned of

The coming housing Armageddon

The rise of sectarian secularists who want to evict the church from civic life

Failed child care services run now by the same sectarian secularists

The economic partition of Ireland and the transformation of rural Ireland into an economic Indian reservation.

The simultaneous turning of rural Ireland into a playground for criminals

A two-tiered justice system where the judiciary defy the peoples will on bail without consequence … except for hundreds of raped and murdered citizens

The developing of a two-tiered tax system where workers pay millionaire tax rates and millionaires pay no tax at all.

We say now; Leo watch out

A hard winter is often followed by an even worse spring.

And you are certainly heading in that direction.

Do not fret though.

RENUA Ireland has the plans and policies to build a political spring.

You should give us a call some time’’.