RENUA Ireland have called on the government to; ‘’come clean on its plans for a swathe of new carbon taxes to balance the books’’.

The party was commenting on concerns that the government are planning to introduce over two billion Euros in carbon taxes to pay for the Taoiseach’s proposed tax cuts.

The party warned;

‘’if tax cuts are to be paid for via the usual three-card trick politics carbon taxes should not be used to fill the gap.

It will take an annual increase of carbon taxes of €20 Euros per tonne over five years to pay for the Taoiseach’s proposals on carbon tax.

Carbon taxes should be about changing behaviour not raising Revenue.

Their imposition should also be sensitive to concerns that such taxes would devastate the rural economy.

This is totally absent from the government’s proposals which would see the following increases

Auto Diesel – plus €827 million

Petrol – plus €275 million

Kerosene – plus €297 million

Marked Gas Oil – plus €294 million

LPG – plus €49 million

Fuel Oil – plus €9 million

Natural Gas – plus €269 million

Peat Briquettes – plus €26 million

Coal – plus €85 million

Such increases will make it almost impossible for rural Ireland to operate.

Briquettes and a sack of coal will become luxury items for pensioners.

Rural Ireland is not prepared to pay the price for the electoral ambitions of Leo Varadkar.

The government must clean on its plans now or they may find they will be dealing far more swiftly with the rural Irish version of the yellow jackets than they expect’’.