Renua Ireland has warned that; ‘’the current government policy of light touch regulation for Facebook and social media must end’’.

The party said;

‘’Ireland when it comes to regulation of the internet is in real danger of repeating the mistakes made when it came to the light touch regulation of the banks in the Celtic Tiger era.

Back in the heyday of Patrick Neary all that anyone who dared to criticize light touch regulation was scoffed at.

They were dinosaurs who were behind the new times.

Insiders we were told could be trusted to regulate insiders.

We know how that exercise ended.

It would never end any other way.

Insiders regulating insiders almost always turns into a conspiracy against the public.

In that regard RENUA Ireland is deeply concerned about the personnel on the new internet safety advisory committee.

The new board may be well intentioned.

But there is a fatal absence of diversity in its ranks.

All institutions when it comes to their boards need to be challenged.

But this board looks more like a welcome mat.

It is good that we have an internet safety advisory committee

And we need the expertise of Google Vodafone and the rest of the agencies that have been selected.

It is a matter of grave unease the committee is so dominated by those who want the digital age of consent cut to 13.

That goes against the will of the Dail and more importantly the public.

Increasingly smart parents and smart schools want greater regulation of what children can see and access.

The government should show respect, listen to them and end the current Wild West culture’’.