RENUA Ireland leader John Leahy has noted that; ‘’the ongoing triumph of the bureaucrats within the HSE leaves the world of Yes Minister looking entirely normal’’.

The RENUA Ireland leader was commenting on revelations that as the amount of nurses and doctors in the HSE tumble the amount of senior managers has risen to 1,329 from 744 six years ago.
Mr Leahy noted;

‘’This reminds me of the famous story in Yes Minister about a hospital that wins the best hospital award in the NHS because it is full of bureaucrats and has no patients.

In Ireland we are not too far from the cruel reality where truth really is stranger than fiction.

There is something dysfunctional about a scenario where there are three thousand fewer nurses in the HSE than six years ago, but we need 600 extra top bureaucrats to manage the missing nurses.

What are they managing … fresh air?

All these bureaucrats have not led to cost-savings and better services.

Instead we now have more overcrowding, more waiting lists and more bureaucrats.

It is clear that bureaucrats are now being hired to manage bureaucrats.

In the case of Laois-Offaly it is even worse for bureaucrats are being hire to close services.

Sadly, so far, the sole response of the government has been to launch a Slainte-care plan that has no timing and no funding.

You would not run a pub in the way the HSE is not being run.

It is time for real reform or Ireland will repeat the mistakes of the past as tragedy’’.