‘’Nothing brings the law into greater disrepute than the failure to enforce it’’, RENUA Ireland has warned.

The party was responding to the controversial decision of a Judge to impose a suspended two-year sentence to a husband who breached a barring order and raped his wife.

The party said

Judicial independence and the separation of powers between the judiciary and politics are critical features of any functioning Republic.

The problem here is the law in our Republic, and in particular sentencing is not working.

The concept of a heinous crime appears to have been lost when it comes to issues such as rape.

When the law fails the people it quickly falls into disrepute.

Suspending a sentence that was already hardly worth spit, to borrow a phrase, simply because the defendant was tense and stressed and might lose their job will have that consequence.

Rape and sexual assault carry lifetime consequences.

Sentencing must reflect and respect this.

Last year the District Court issued 5,006 protection orders.

The question which surely arises after this sentence is why bother seeking an order if those who breach it face no consequences?

Our Judiciary are fatally out of touch with the nature of modern crime.

They are fatally centred with a soft liberal centred socialist ethic which consistently prioritizes the rights of the criminal and which ignores the victim.

This is seriously undermining the morale of hard working Gardai who investigate cases, collate the evidence and charge a suspect only to see them walk free with a pat on the head and best wishes from the Judge whilst victims cry, ignored, in the back of the court-room.

Our Judges have been on political probation for too long.

We need to limit Judicial discretion in sentencing with a regime of strict sentencing guidelines from which judges can only deviate with a detailed explanation.

It’s called accountability and it is as beneficial for Judges as the rest of our citizenry’’.