Leahy launches Renua’s ‘Be My Voice’ referendum campaign

Renua Ireland John Leahy has launched his party’s referendum campaign with the slogan ‘Be My Voice’ while also throwing down the gauntlet to An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to ‘’come out from behind the shadows of his army of spin-doctors and debate him on the forthcoming referendum’’.
Speaking at the launch of the Renua Ireland campaign to save the 8th Amendment in Dublin’s Buswells Hotel,  Mr Leahy said: ‘’Renua  is calling for this debate because we are the only party which opposes the introduction of abortion on demand. If the Taoiseach believes in abortion on demand, he should come out and debate the issue publicly with me.’’

The Kilcormac native and Offaly Councy Councillor stressed: ‘’The public have a right to hear both sides of the debate in a public forum rather than the spin and PR tricks which have characterised this Government since he became Taoiseach.
“If he wants to destroy Ireland’s traditional values and eradicate the rights of the unborn, he should at least have the courage to come out and take part in a public debate. I am ready to take him on at a date and time of his choosing.”

He added: “ We have chosen the slogan of ‘Be My Voice’ because we intend to be the voice of those who do not have a voice. A voice is needed in circumstances where I am gravely concerned over the consequences of this referendum for women and the unborn. “

Renua also unveiled their plans to take their campaign for a No vote to the streets and back roads of Ireland in a national tour and Mr Leahy called upon people who are pro-life to step forward and join with him in having a united voice against those who are challenging Ireland’s traditional values. ‘’We will be campaigning hard right across the country in the coming weeks. I urge the people of Ireland to come out and say, ‘no more’ to the Dublin 4 elite who want to destroy our culture, our values and our respect for human rights.’’
Also speaking at the launch, Party Chairperson Michael O’Dowd said: ‘’our campaign theme of ‘Be My Voice’ signifies our determination to speak for the unborn child. Abortion Discriminates and we believe no child should be left behind. From now until the 25th May, we will be taking this message across the country.’’
Galway based Renua candidate Nicola Daveron declared:  ‘‘Abortion is the human rights issue of our generation’’.