RENUA Ireland has warned that; ‘’real lessons need to be learnt from the debacle of our Presidential election’’.

The party said;

‘’Few elections have brought politics into more disrepute than the circus we have experienced over the last four weeks.

What is clear is that a dangerous coarsening of public debate has occurred where serious accusations of racism have been thrown around like snuff at a wake.

A school of liberal fascism has emerged whose response to contrarian positions consists of a hysterical form of tyranny.

This poses a far greater threat to Irish democracy than the contrarian and occasionally odd positions of Peter Casey.

Something of Orwell and 1984 surrounded the hounding of Joan Freeman over her fitness for office because she voted for ‘Life’ in the Repeal the Eighth referendum.

This is dog-whistle politics of a Trumpian type.

Democracy is about more than a tyranny of numbers … or at least it once allowed for a respectful contest of ideas.

RENUA Ireland also condemns the ongoing disparagement of entrepreneurs by a group of gilded government advocates who have never worked a day in their lives.

Entrepreneurs, lest we forget, create jobs and opportunity and most important of all the tax receipts for those advocates.

This election has served one purpose at least.

It has revealed how corroded Irish democracy has become and the threat our liberal fascists now pose to freedom of speech.

Hopefully who-ever wins will confront these issues’’.