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RENUA are contesting 11 seat in the general election across the country:
Kildare North
Dublin Bay South
Dublin South West
Limerick County
Galway East
Laois Offaly
Meath West

A lot of RENUA members stepped forward to be candidates. However we had to take a strategic decision to  concentrate our limited resources and supports on a smaller number of constituences with strong local groups and eager candidates. We also have put up candidates across all regions - Dublin, Munster, Leinster and Connaught-Ulster. In some instances we decided not to contest a constituency because there was another like-minded candidate already in the contest (e.g. Dolores Cahill in Tipperary) whom local members should support. In a number of other constituences, particularly in the Greater Dublin Region, the local membership elected to put their efforts into supporting strong candidates in two constituencies. The full list of candidates is available on the Candidates 2020 page. 

Campaign to Protect Free Speech

RENUA are actively campaigning to protect the right to free speech in Ireland. We are deeply concerned about the increasing intolerance of diverse viewpoints in Irish public life. Unfortunately, citizens holding traditional, patriotic, religious or spiritual views are often bullied and marginalised, stifling the open debate upon which a free and democratic society depends.

In a democracy, alternative points of view must be respected. RENUA are against the use of ‘political correctness’ to bully and censor people. We are against the spread of political censorship by the State, mainstream media and 'Big Tech'.  We oppose the government's plans to introduce so called ‘hate speech’ laws to silence genuine and important political debate about topics that politicians and certain interest groups may find ‘sensitive’.

We believe that it is essential that a free and democratic society must hear different opinions that are sincerely held and respectfully presented. RENUA are totally committed to the values of freedom of thought and speech which lie at the heart of democracy.

RENUA Free Speech Flyer (Final 2 - 2019.11.11).pdf

Campaign to Support Farmers

RENUA is actively supporting the current campaign by farmers to secure fair prices from processors and against the FG-supported Mercosur trade deal.

RENUA sees farming as the beating heart of rural Ireland. Our farmers produce products that are of the highest quality with high welfare standards with due care for the environment. However the survival of Irish family farms and rural communities are now at stake as a result of decades of political neglect by Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the EU.  

Over the past decade, the State has abandoned family farms in favour of industrial scale producers and processors. Many farming families are now facing ruin due to the EU demand that Ireland accept the importation of low cost beef from South America under the proposed Mercosur trade deal. This beef will be transported across thousands of miles at a huge cost in terms of carbon footprint. At the same time, the State is imposing increasing carbon taxes that penalise farmers and rural residents.

RENUA condemns the fact that Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have abandoned Irish farmers and rural communities in favour of the interests of big business and globalisation.