RENUA Ireland has warned the government to; ‘’apply common-sense tactics to resolving the issue of nursing pay’’.

The party said;

‘’RENUA Ireland is the first and often sole party to defend the rights of tax-payers when it comes to the expenditure of public money.

But we also believe that a social good is achieved by taxation when the money raised achieves a social good.

This belief informs our decision to stand by the nurses.

This informs our call for a common-sense revolution when it comes to nurses pay and the pay of other front-line workers.

It is time we garnished the pay of the fat-cat administrators and become the best country in the world to work as a front-line worker.

RENUA Ireland today stands by our nurses because they are the frontline workers of our health service.

They are there at our birth and they see us out of it.

They heal our children, ourselves when we are at our most vulnerable and our parents and grand-parents.

Nurses are not saints which is why we must pay to keep them.

It’s common sense Simon.

We are currently training the best nurses in the world to work in foreign countries.

Irish nurses are voting with their feet.

They work in some of the toughest conditions and then come home exhausted, patronised and under-paid to listen to a Taoiseach who quite likes his own holidays tell them they should work over Christmas.

It’s time for common-sense on nurses pay.

Pay the nurses what they deserve; Leo and Paschal, and they will stay.

Pay the nurses what they are owed.

You know it makes sense.

The alternative is a spring summer autumn and winter of discontent and an ongoing fractured and disillusioned health service.’’