RENUA's Core Principles

RENUA believes that the objective of Government is to keep the Irish State and its people safe and secure, to ensure that the institutions of the State are well designed, well run and serve the interests of the Irish nation as a whole and not just an elite. RENUA's core beliefs are encapsulated in the party's seven core principles (or pillars) below.


RENUA believes that freedom of speech and respectful political debate is a fundamental human right and is essential in an open, fair and democratic country. Opposing viewpoints should be challenged through mature and reasoned debate, not censorship or intimidation.  


RENUA believes that the family is the single greatest unit for the nurturing and development of children. We believe in the right to life all humans. We believe in the dignity of every human being and reject attempts to view and treat people as mere economic units or biological machines. We also recognise the central importance of spirituality to human wellbeing and happiness and something that must be respected by the State in education and health care. We believe in freedom of conscience. RENUA will protect and defend traditional family values.


RENUA believes in recognising and rewarding hard work by reducing taxation on workers and entrepreneurs to fair levels and by eliminating wasteful and unnecessary State expenditure.


RENUA values the essential role of free enterprise in the creation of employment, generation of tax revenue and providing an outlet for human creativity. We particularly value the central role of farming and small and medium sized enterprises in sustaining the Irish economy and society. We believe that hard work should be recognised and rewarded.


RENUA believes in a strong approach to law and order, justice and the elimination of corruption. We prioritise the rights of law-abiding citizens to their own personal safety, the protection of their property and of fair and impartial State institutions.


RENUA believes in a cohesive society that values and promotes shared values of honesty, trust, safety and prosperity between State and citizens. It is essential that the institutions of the State are seen by citizens to be trustworthy, committed to ensuring the welfare of all of the people and to promoting equality of opportunity to get ahead, regardless of age, ability, gender, social status or whether they are living in urban or rural areas.


RENUA believes in the deep value of the nation state and the right of Ireland to defend its sovereignty. We believing in placing Ireland’s interest first and for the benefit of its own people. We are against further integration of the EU or the creation of a Federal Europe. Instead, we believe strongly that the EU works best when member countries are fully recognised and respected as sovereign nations coming together voluntarily to promote economic co-operation.