Renua has 6 pillars, 6 core concerns, which reflect our core beliefs and priorities. In all issues we seek to have these pillars reflected by the policies that we take. This allows us to produce consistent policies, all designed to work together to achieve a common goal, something which Irish politics far too often neglects.

(1). PUTTING THE TAXPAYER FIRST. Focused on reducing taxes, respecting every Euro of taxpayers’ money, and highlighting and eliminating wasteful expenditure of taxpayer’s hard earned cash.

(2). REWARDING ENTREPENURSHIP. The party believes that enterprise is the foundation of a prosperous and growing economy. Renua supports a holistic approach to encouraging, developing, and rewarding Irish entrepreneurship and enterprises – private, public and social.

(3). LAW & ORDER. The party believes that there are many reasons why people turn to crime; many of whom become hard recidivist criminals. Renua emphasises that the real victims are those who are terrified in their farms, homes and businesses. White-collar crime, financial crime, and corruption are not victimless crimes and damage the core of our society. The law as currently applied is not serving the ordinary citizen. It is in the interests of the common good to address these issues through reform , new thinking and application of current laws.

(4). PRO-LIFE. The Party believes that the 8th Amendment is a secular human right’s issue as it protects the human rights of the unborn child. The Party strongly supports the 8th Amendment. The party understands that some party members declare ‘freedom of conscience’ on this issue. This is accepted and accordingly they will not be required to support, canvass, or issue statements in support of the party position. Party candidates and elected representatives will be required to subscribe fully to our position on this matter.

(5). LOCAL DEMOCRACY – We believe that no one can look after local communities better than the communities themselves. Too much interference by central government is destroying these communities. We believe that it is best to bring back relevant powers to local communities, back to the people. We tie this to restoring public trust in political institutions by decentralising power to the various regions, cities, and towns around the country, with an organisational system for overall planning.

Similarly, in relation to the EU, we would be strongly against further integration of the EU, particularly with relation to taxation or military affairs, and believe strongly that the EU works best when member countries are recognised fully as sovereign countries coming voluntarily together to promote economic cooperation rather than as a stepping stone to a federal Europe.

(6). COHESIVE SOCIETY. The party believes in creating a better future for the Irish people. We will achieve this by fostering community spirit, looking after people in times of need, ensuring all Irish citizens have a voice and have equal opportunities health, education and personal development, creating opportunities for upward social mobility.