RENUA believes that social cohesion is the willingness of all of us in society to cooperate with each other in order to be safe, secure and prosper together. We reject the current obsession with grievance and identity politics which creates divisions in society into hostile and opposing camps. We need to create a better future for all the people, our families and our communities. In making social cohesion a pillar RENUA is proposing a transformative society that will raise the living standards and quality of life for everyone. RENUA sees strong and cohesive communities as essential to our quality of life. A range of practical, common sense policies to make our communities safer and more cohesive are set out below.


RENUA sees safe and cohesive communities as essential to our quality of life. Our priorities to protect and strengthen community life include:

Far stronger approach to law and order
To create safer communities we must prioritise the rights of law abiding citizens, not criminals. RENUA want far tougher sentencing of thieves, violent criminals and rapists, reform of bail laws to prevent revolving door offending. Any immigrant found guilty of a criminal offence and abusing Ireland’s hospitality should be immediately deported. Judges will be forbidden from showing favouritism to criminals on the basis of race or nationality.

Fair and affordable immigration
RENUA want effective border controls and strict security checks on all immigrants. We will stop the massively expensive landlord-lawyer asylum industry and insist on the automatic deportation of fake asylum seekers after one unsuccessful appeal. Money saved on housing, health, education, social welfare services and legal fees for fake asylum seekers will be redirected towards providing homes for Irish families.

Respect for Irish citizenship
RENUA want stricter eligibility criteria, the introduction of citizenship tests and the automatic removal Irish citizenship from naturalised Irish citizens who commit any criminal or terrorist offence.

Protection of rural Ireland, our towns and villages and the protection of our natural environment from pollution and waste
RENUA reject the unfair and unnecessary imposition of ever-increasing carbon taxes when there is no alternative for citizens. We support the replacement of mono-cultural pine plantations with wildlife friendly native broadleaf forests.



1. RENUA want far tougher sentencing of thieves, violent criminals and rapists, reform of bail laws to prevent revolving door offending. For far too long the Irish Justice System has pushed the victims of crime and their families to the side in the rush to ‘understand’ and be fair to the criminal. RENUA will end that practice and will put the victims of crime and their families at the centre of our criminal justice system. To create safer communities, we must prioritise the rights of law-abiding citizens, not criminals.

2. RENUA believe that the legal industry needs to be reformed by opening it up to greater competition – particularly in conveyancing and probate services.


3. RENUA will introduce a Criminal Justice (Victim’s Rights) Bill that will remove Judges’ discretion to impose concurrent sentences for serious crime. We will ensure that all Judges must treat each crime separately and pass consecutive sentences.

4. RENUA will introduce a minimum, mandatory sentence of 30 years in prison for those convicted of murder. Those convicted of murder will not become eligible for parole until they have served a minimum of 23 years of their sentence.

5. RENUA believes that any immigrant found guilty of a criminal offence and abusing Ireland’s hospitality should be immediately deported  following sentence.

6. RENUA will abolish concurrent sentencing for multiple murders. Those who commit more than one murder must serve consecutive life sentences for their crimes.

7. RENUA will overhaul the remission system so that prisoners will be required to earn the right to early release. Remission will no longer be granted automatically. In order to receive remission of ¼ of a sentence, RENUA will insist that prisoners must maintain good behaviour, participate in education, training and/or crime prevention programmes provided by the prison service. No remission for sex criminals unless they engage in programmes to prevent reoffending.

8. RENUA will abolish the practice of ‘enhanced remission’. The maximum remission period will be set at ¼ of a sentence.

9. RENUA will introduce 28-day detention orders for those suspected of being actively involved in preparations to murder another or of being responsible for directing the activities of an organised criminal gang.

10. RENUA will introduce legislation to make it a criminal offence to be caught in possession of a professional bullet proof vest.

11. RENUA will introduce Serious Crime Prevention Orders (SCPO). SCPOs will place restrictions on those convicted of organised crime offences after they are released from prison. SCPOs may require an individual to inform Gardai of any financial transaction they engage in and worth more than €500, notify Gardai of their intention to travel overseas or restrict contact with named individuals for example. Failure to comply with an SCOP will result in a minimum, mandatory sentence of 3 years in prison.


12. RENUA will include in our Criminal Justice (Victim’s Rights) Bill a minimum mandatory sentence of 20 years in prison for aggravated burglary. A person convicted of aggravated burglary will not be allowed to apply for parole until they have served at least three quarters of their sentence – 15 years. Our Bill will automatically deny bail to those have previously being convicted of burglary.


13. RENUA will introduce a minimum, mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison for those found guilty of assault on Frontline (Blue Light and hospital) Staff carrying out their duties. A person so convicted will not become eligible for parole until they have served a minimum of three-quarters of their sentence – 7 ½ years.


14. RENUA will introduce legislation to allow individuals, businesses or community organisations to apply directly to the District Court for a ‘Community Protection Order’ (CPO). The CPO, once granted, will allow Judges to ban defendants from a particular area, be electronically tagged, stay away from other named individuals, become subject to a noise abatement order or become subject to a curfew order. Where a minor becomes subject to a CPO the parents or guardians will become liable and subject to a range of possible sanctions – participation in parenting classes and suspension of children’s allowance payments for example. For persistent breaches of CPOs individuals who are housed in social housing will be evicted.


15. RENUA will ensure that our Victim’s Rights Bill will include a minimum, mandatory sentence of 20 years in prison where an adult in a position of authority coerces, induces or persuades a child to engage in sexual activity. Those so convicted will not become eligible for parole until they have served a minimum of three quarters of their sentence. The Director of Public Prosecutions will be mandated to take into consideration the age gap between the victim and perpetrator when making decisions on such cases.

16. RENUA will introduce a minimum, mandatory sentence of 10 years for those found guilty of assaulting an elderly person.

17. RENUA will introduce legislation to make recruiters liable for the crimes that the child was instructed to undertake.

18. RENUA will introduce legislation to make the corruption of a minor a criminal offence. Those prosecuted under our new law will face a mandatory, minimum sentence of 15 years in prison.


19. RENUA will ensure that those charged with a serious crime, such as rape, murder, manslaughter, burglary, grievous bodily harm, will only be granted bail if they are electronically tagged and monitored. RENUA Ireland will also ensure that bail is automatically denied to those who have a history of persistent (more than three offences) criminal activity.

20. RENUA will instruct the necessary public bodies to recoup at least some of the monies spent on free legal aid for convicted criminals by issuing attachment orders on welfare payments or placing a lien on any property or assets owned by the convicted person.

21. RENUA will invest in our prison infrastructure to protect our law abiding citizens.


22. RENUA will set up an Australian-Style points system to manage immigration from Non-EEA Countries. Preference will be given to those immigrants who can speak English, have skills that are not available in Ireland and can demonstrate a shared belief in our national values.

23. RENUA will impose a strict limit of 1,000 asylum seekers per annum. We will also require the Immigration Service to reach a decision on an asylum application within 6 months of an application being made. Those whose applications have been rejected must be detained or electronically monitored during any appeals process. If an appeal is rejected the Immigration Service will be required to remove the applicant from the State within 14 days.

24. RENUA will instruct the Department of Enterprise to complete a full review of work visas issued in Ireland and to identify skills gaps amongst the Irish population. Based on the results of that review we will instruct all relevant government departments to develop a plan to increase the number of Irish citizens that possess the skills that are in demand.

25. RENUA will invoke the Dublin regulation whereby genuine asylum seekers must seek safety in the first safe country they arrive in – not picking the country with the easiest social welfare system. Most asylum seekers pass through many other countries before they come to Ireland.

26. RENUA will refuse asylum applications from safe countries.

27. RENUA will increase the years of reckonable residence for those seeking Irish citizenship from 3 or 5 years to 10 years, similar to Switzerland.

28. RENUA will insist that those who commit serious crime while seeking Irish citizenship will be automatically barred from seeking citizenship and will be automatically deported once they serve their sentence.

29. RENUA will introduce a citizenship test as part of the citizenship application process.

30. RENUA will revoke citizenship granted where the individual involved has engaged in serious crime or is proven to pose a threat to the State.

31. RENUA will ensure that local communities are consulted before any decision is made regarding the placing of a large number of refugees within their community area.

Protection of the natural environment

 RENUA is committed to the protection of the environment and the conservation of nature. We see a healthy environment and a diversity of species is essential for mankind and future generations. This means that precautions have to be taken to protect resources such as soil, water, air, landscape, fauna and flora from exploitation. 

Climate variability remains an issue of widespread political and scientific debate. In scientific literature, it is acknowledged that there is a degree of consensus that global surface temperatures have increased in recent decades and that the trend COULD be caused by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases. However, it's also evident that the debate on climate change is far from over and it is very much a heated one. Whether a possible warming trend exceeds normal climatic variations, and whether human activities have contributed significantly to it, is yet to be seen.

While the jury is still out on Climate Change, conventional wisdom agrees that regardless of one’s opinion, we as a society ought to show due diligence in looking after our environment and RENUA will pursue environmentally friendly policies in a positive inclusive manner.

It is important to acknowledge that Ireland holds only a tenth of 1% of the global C02 contributions (that is 0.01%), which clearly shows our extremely limited capacity to alter global C02. Any radical moves could put both the environment at risk (with methods that could ultimately do more harm than good) and vulnerable families with undue carbon taxes, which is both unfair and unnecessary and simply results in the transfer of wealth from ordinary hard pressed people to the State, EU and UN.

RENUA is committed to pursuing environmentally friendly initiatives that will protect both the environment and the people. We favour improvements with regard to development of carbon “sinks” such as broadleaf woodlands, elimination of plastics and other contaminants from our waterways and to the introduction of sustainable living methods that will encourage people to follow solutions rather that hitting them with unfair and unavoidable taxes.

33. RENUA rejects the unfair and unnecessary imposition of ever increasing carbon taxes. These represent a particular burden on farmers and rural communities.

34. RENUA favour a substantial increase in the amount of broadleaf forestry in Ireland. We want to restructure the forestry grants scheme to shift it away monoculture plantations of pine and towards the planting of native broadleaf trees and forests which are more biodiverse and wildlife friendly.

35. RENUA oppose any further proliferation of wind turbines across the Irish landscape. The damage to the environment and local communities outweighs the benefits. Wind turbines should be erected on an exception basis only in places where no harm will be caused to humans, wildlife, and the landscape. Local residents are to be consulted in a referendum on the future location of wind turbines.

Protection of Irish family farms and rural life

 Farming is the beating heart of rural Ireland. Our farmers produce products that are of the highest quality with high welfare standards with due care for the environment. However the survival of Irish family farms and rural communities are now at stake as a result of decades of political neglect by Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the EU.

Over the past decade, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have abandoned family farms in favour of industrial scale producers and processors. Many farming families are now facing ruin due to the EU demand that Ireland accept the importation of low cost beef from South America under the proposed Mercosur trade deal. This beef will be imported across thousands at a huge carbon footprint transport. At the same time, the State is imposing increasing carbon taxes that disproportionately penalise farmers and rural residents.  

36. RENUA want Irish farmers prioritised over industrial food processors. We will put in place an agreed system that guarantees a fair price that safeguards fair trading practices. RENUA will insist that farming and rural families can have a fair and sustainable livelihood.

37. RENUA will reject the EU Mercosur trade deal as it bad for Irish farming families and communities and bad for the environment. Mercosur is a bad deal for Ireland, not alone will our beef industry pay the price but it will adversely change our rural social fabric. Behind the Irish beef and suckler sector is small farms and families. This is the back bone of rural Ireland. We have the highest quality beef in the world and farmers have invested heavily in capital to protect the environment to ensure that farming and wildlife can be successfully managed. With 90% of Irish beef exported it’s a serious worry to consider the prospect of South American beef a few cent cheaper in the supermarkets of Europe and not at all comparable regarding animal welfare and environmental standards which yet again highlights the hypocrisy of recent carbon footprint concerns. When confronted with a motion to reject the Mercosur, Fine Gael voted in favour to keep this deal. RENUA will use the Irish veto to block any trade deal with threatens Irish farming families and our future food security. High quality and highly traceable Irish produce must not be sacrificed on the altar of globalisation.


Protection of animals from cruelty

 38. RENUA rejects the cruel practice of slaughtering animals using halal methods, which involve cutting the animal’s throat and letting it bleed to death. In Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and other Euro­pean countries, kosher and halal slaughtering (slaughter without stunning) is forbidden. Halal methods are not compatible with the humane treatment of animals and should be forbidden in Ireland without any exception. RENUA also rejects kosher and halal slaughtering, even where short-time electro-stunning has taken place prior to slaugh­tering. By this method, animals are only stunned for the few seconds whilst the throat is cut, but the animal is sensitive whilst bleeding to death.


39. RENUA will reform Local Authorities to ensure value for money for taxpayers. We will also work to identify powers and responsibilities that can be transferred from national to local government.

40. RENUA will establish Community Councils and directly elected Community Mayors. Community Councillors and Mayors will not be remunerated for their work and their primary role will be to represent the interests of their communities to the Local and National Government.

41. RENUA will implement maximum term limits for Community Council representatives to ensure new voices can be heard.