RENUA sees strong and healthy family life as critical to the health and wellbeing of our country. We believe that the family is the single greatest unit for the nurturing and development of children – with support from the extended family and the community. It is the foundation of society and critical to raising responsible citizens. It is in the home where we first learn the virtues of obligation, compassion and concern for others which transcend self-interest. We also believe in the dignity of every human being. We believe that the right to life is the most fundamental right of all and the right from which all other human rights flow. However the family unit is under constant attack from the so-called ‘Progressive Left’. RENUA will protect and defend traditional family values. A range of practical, common sense policies to protect and strengthen family life are set out below.


Fairer tax system for families
RENUA wants to stop the wage slavery that forces both parents to work by significantly increasing the Home Carer tax credits for families. We want an end to tax discrimination against married couples. We are against the unfair and unnecessary imposition of ever increasing carbon taxes.

Freedom for parents and schools to protect their own ethos and values
RENUA support the existing and effective ‘Stay Safe’ programme in schools. We reject plans to introduce compulsory and totally inappropriate ideology-based LGBTQ, porn literacy and pro-abortion sex education into Irish primary and secondary schools.

Prevent children accessing online pornography
This needs to be done through collaboration between parents, internet providers, law enforcement and legislative authorities. RENUA considers children having access to online pornography to be a form of child abuse.

Respect for human life at all stages

RENUA support pro-life policies and compassionate hospice care as an alternative to euthanasia.

Prioritising personal health and wellbeing and illness prevention
RENUA want 0% VAT on all health foods and supplements. We put the safety and interests of the public ahead of the commercial interests of pharmaceutical companies. We are against any attempt to impose mandatory vaccinations unless guaranteed 100% safe.



1. RENUA will end tax discrimination against married couples. We want an end to tax individualization which discriminates against some 80,000 couples where one parent works in the home. We want a tax system that supports and encourages stay at home parents by increasing the Home Carer Tax Credit to end discrimination against single income families. We would also investigate reintroducing a child tax allowance.

2. RENUA will increase the point at which workers start paying the top rate of tax on their income.

3. RENUA will establish a Commission on the Future of Taxation and Welfare to deliver a simplified and fair system of taxation and welfare that does not punish families or those who work.

4. RENUA will are against the imposition of ever-increasing carbon taxes on ordinary families. Such taxes unfair and unnecessary.

5. RENUA will abolish the Local Property Tax (LPT). RENUA believe that in the long-term interest of our country the Local Property Tax (LPT) should be abolished and replaced with a site value tax to encourage the optimum use of land in Ireland.


6. RENUA supports personal savings. Based on the UK Individual Savings Account (ISA), RENUA believe that savers should be allowed to invest up to €10,000 in after tax income per annum in a savings or investment account. The savings/investments will be allowed to grow tax free and no tax will be imposed on withdrawals.

7. RENUA supports the establishment of ISAs for children whereby parents/guardians and grandparents can each invest up to €3,000 per annum in after tax income in a savings account for their young. Child ISAs will not be accessible until the child reaches the age of 18. At 18 they can decide to withdraw the funds tax free or roll the savings into an ‘Adult ISA’.


8. RENUA strongly supports the right of parents and schools to protect their own moral, religious and spiritual values. We totally reject plans to introduce compulsory and totally inappropriate ideology-based LGBTQ, porn literacy and pro-abortion sex education into Irish primary and secondary schools.

9. RENUA supports the retention of the existing and effective ‘Stay Safe’ and SPHE programmes in schools.

10. RENUA considers child access to online pornography to be a form of child abuse. We will insist on a national strategy and collaboration between parents, internet providers, Gardai and the State to prevent such access and protect our children.


11. RENUA support the promotion of pro-life policies for mothers and pre-born. We believe that all human life must be treated with deep respect and expression of pro-life opinions should be respected. We will require all maternity hospitals to develop a ‘perinatal palliative care plan’ as a positive alternative to abortion in rare and tragic cases where a pre-born child has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition.

12. RENUA Ireland is dedicated to ensuring that the Right to Life is given effect in our laws. The responsibility for this now shifts from the people to the legislators. All RENUA Ireland candidates for public office must commit themselves to our pro-life stance.


13. RENUA will invest in post-natal palliative care to provide families whose children have been born with life-limiting conditions the help and support they need.

14. RENUA strongly supports the development of hospice care throughout Ireland to provide a positive alternative to euthanasia for those who are terminally ill.

15. RENUA will set up an urgent review of hospice care capacity in Ireland provide funding for the expansion of hospice care.


16. RENUA will tackle the high cost of insurance by making perjury a criminal offence in Ireland by updating the ‘Book of Quantum’ which states the compensation available for various personal injuries and ensuring that compensation awards are in line with awards for similar injuries in comparable EU countries, requiring our Judges to refer to the Book of Quantum and award compensation in line with it, abolish monetary compensation for soft-tissue injuries (whiplash) an replace same with vouchers for physiotherapy services.

17. RENUA will work to establish German-Style ‘Public Banks’ in Ireland to offer real competition to current retail banks. We will harness the existing network of An Post and Credit Union outlets to deliver our public bank model. Only competition will drive down the high cost of borrowing in Ireland.

18. RENUA will force the legal industry to reform by opening up the sector to greater competition – particularly in conveyancing and probate services.


19. RENUA will reverse the imposition of VAT on health foods and supplements. We want 0% VAT on all health foods and supplements. Human health should not be taxed.

20. RENUA put the safety and interests of the public ahead of the commercial interests of pharmaceutical companies. We are in favour of safe vaccination based on a precautionary approach based on solid medical evidence. We respect the principle of parental or patient choice and are against attempts to impose mandatory vaccinations on any Irish citizens where it is not possible to guarantee recipients 100% safety.

21. RENUA support a Disability Policy that puts the person at the centre of decision making and funding.

22. RENUA wants a review of the Fair Deal Scheme so that those that have saved to provide for the next generation are not unfairly taxed as they are at present.

23. RENUA supports healthy living. Healthcare in Ireland is in crisis. Our current healthcare system dehumanises patients. Modern medicine is good at treating acute illness but bad at preventing chronic illness. The key to changing this is to prevent people from getting sick in the first place. Reduce the numbers. Tech medicine is one such prevention. Early treatment can be done using ‘video doc’ offers and free consults for thousands of students and employees. RENUA will promote a national awareness campaign to promote this. The vast majority of illness is preventable. This is the best kept secret in medicine. The body can heal itself if given the right conditions. Heart disease is our number one killer. Through diet, lifestyle and awareness it can be prevented and reversed. This mind-set can be applied to other disease, such as cancer etc. and right across the board to mental illness. This is a radical proposal in health and throws down the challenge to people. RENUA’s aim is to inform people about their options, to argue for the benefits to outweigh the risks.  Education and motivation, the vision and the will to change are the keys to a more healthy, nourished and balanced system.

24. RENUA will convene ‘Good Friday Agreement’ style talks to tackle the national emergency in our health service. The talks will involve all stake-holders and will be independently chaired. We will demand agreement within four months on how to end inefficient work practices and ineffective use of taxpayers’ money to deliver a patient-focused health service the Irish people can depend on.


25. RENUA will value our teachers and remove red tape that discourages innovation in our school system.

26. RENUA will invest in primary and post-primary education. We believe that school-books and school transport should be paid for by the state rather than parents. RENUA will restore the school capitation grant to 2010 levels and end the practice of individual schools seeking ‘voluntary contributions’ from parents.

27. RENUA will respect and protect the right of schools to protect their own ethos. We respect the Constitutional primacy of parents in the education of their children. We reject any attempts the State to impose compulsory and extreme sex education / indoctrination on all primary and secondary school children regardless of parents’ wishes.

28. RENUA will remove unnecessary bureaucratic barriers to home-schooling. We support all responsible and conscientious parents who choose to exercise their constitutional rights to be the primary educator of their children. RENUA’s proposals to reform income tax and increase home carer tax credits will also make this option more affordable for families with a stay at home parent.

29. RENUA will support student access to higher education. We will facilitate more students into our third level system through the introduction of an interest free Student Loan scheme.

30. RENUA considers children having access to online pornography to be a form of child abuse. Renua strongly supports collaboration between parents, internet providers, law enforcement and legislative authorities to prevent such access to protect our children.