Sensitivities of adoptive parents must be recognised by the committe on the 8th amendment

RENUA Ireland LEADER WARNS THAT CHAIRPERSON IS FAILING IN HER DUTIES RENUA Ireland leader representative John Leahy has called for a ‘’full and fulsome retraction by Kate O’Connell of her remarks on adoptive parents. Mr Leahy said; ‘’Ms O’Connell’s hopefully accidental but still callous remarks have caused deep and ongoing hurt to thousands of adoptive […]

White collar crime remains a grey area for this government

RENUA Ireland would like to congratulate the government on its recent discovery that Ireland has a problem with “White Collar” crime. The interest of a Taoiseach and the Ministers for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Finance and the Minister for Justice and Equality, though long overdue is welcome. The government’s belated recognition of the correctness of […]

Fianna Fáil & The 8th Amendment – Is Micheal Martin a pro abortion leader of a Pro Life party? – Time to come clean.

On October 18th 2017 15 out of 20 elected representatives voted to diminish the constitutional rights of the unborn by supporting an Oireachtas Committee on the 8th Amendment motion which states “that Article 40.3.3 not be retained in full”.   To be clear, Article 40.3.3 (The 8th Amendment) is the Constitutional Amendment which secures for […]

Catholic children are entitled to a Catholic education too

RENUA Ireland notes with grave concern the apparent determination of Richard Bruton to erase any Catholic ethos from our primary schools under the guise of some mythical baptism barrier. This is all the more curious given that Mr Bruton himself claims, “it is right and welcome that people should have the desire to bring up […]