RENUA Ireland recognises the importance of the public service and its role in maintaining a functioning society. Public servants make essential contributions to the lives of the Irish people in our schools, hospitals and on the streets of our towns and cities. However, since the foundation of the state, the public service has undergone few major changes.

We believe that the public service must become more transparent, more accountable and more open in the way in which it operates. Change must begin with governance and accountability at the top of the political and administrative levels of our public service.

RENUA Ireland will create modern workplaces where the focus will be on outcomes not process. These changes will be driven by technology, allowing staff to work flexibly and cost-effectively while at the same time maximizing access to services, increasing productivity and encouraging innovation.

RENUA Ireland priorities for the public services:

  • Developing a new system of open governance where performance is easily measured.
  • Real accountability for senior civil servants.
  • Create a ring fenced fund to reward merit in the public sector.
  • Reform government procurement rules to benefit small Irish SMEs.