RENUA Ireland would like to offer our full support to the Gardai involved in the eviction stand-off in Dublin.

The party leader John Leahy said;

‘’The politically opportunistic attacks on the Gardai who dealt so competently with a very difficult situation are a disgrace.

Gardai are entitled to protect themselves from Facebook and internet warriors in situations such as this.

The response of the Hard Left has been particularly disgraceful.

They should be asking what is wrong with a society where Gardai have to disguise their identity to work in safety.

This is not the first time the health and safety of working gardai was compromised by political opportunists of the left.

Remember Jobs-town.

Some apparently don’t.

But RENUA Ireland does.

Like the Jobs-town riots Gardai were placed in an appalling situation by left wing political mercenaries.

Whatever actions they took to protect their safety I and RENUA Ireland back one hundred percent’’.