Renua Ireland leader has welcomed indications that the government has; ‘’finally caught up on the RENUA Ireland tax learning curve’’.

Mr Leahy was responding to indications that the government is in the autumn budget planning to increase the income level at which earners become liable to the higher 40 per cent income tax rate.

The RENUA Ireland leader said;

‘’Up to now this government, when it comes to tax reform would not win a slow bicycle race.

RENUA Ireland welcomes its belated recognition that real tax reform is lower tax for working people.

We are surprised that it has been so difficult for Paschal Donohoe to understand the need for such reform.

We didn’t need a strategy group to tell us Irish workers amongst those who get up early in the morning are taxed like millionaires at far too low a rate.

We also warn the minister it is time for him to stop taking baby steps towards creating an earned income tax credit, to provide the self-employed with a benefit equal to the €1,650 PAYE tax credit.

Mr Donohoe should take his courage in his hands and, in one great leap, increase the current rate of €1,150 to the same level as the PAYE credit over a single budget.

Billions of Euros have been taken out of the pockets of working people to pay for the crimes of banking billionaires.

Paschal, this budget is payback time of a modest sort for the early risers Leo cares so much about.

Working people don’t just deserve a Christmas bonus.

They deserve a fifty-two weeks of the year bonus.

Now that your experts in the tax strategy group have told you to do this we expect you to deliver’’.