RENUA Ireland has said that we should praise Ireland’s public services for their collective response to the challenge posed by the recent weather conditions.

The party said that:

“Often public servants are criticised, but on this occasion, we should recognise the work that they have done in putting Ireland back on its feet.

Whether it is gritting the roads in the dark or ensuring the trains get through this is the sort of work we should recognise and highlight.

These are the people who get up early in the morning; the people Leo protects in theory but ignores in practice.

Too often public life is consumed by negativity.

This is an occasion where we can praise the council workers, the soldiers, rail workers, doctors and nurses who keep the country going every week.

The response of people, down to shovelling snow away from paths outside their homes show we are still a caring country.

It also shows we don’t need big government or Strategic Communications Czars to act in a caring and responsible way.

The state, of course, has a responsibility to look after the weak and the vulnerable.

But, we should not divest our personal responsibilities in this regard.

The good society is a country that does not need the state to prod us into acting with kindness.

A society which voluntarily looks after our neighbours and relatives is a healthier place than one which passes by.

Over the last week Ireland has proved we are still a basically healthy society.

We are a country that has faced many challenges, dealt with many difficulties and have much reform to engage in.

Last week, though, proves we have not lost that decency and that sense of community spirit and public service, that volunteer ethic that keeps a society together.