RENUA slams “crazy” political holidays

The ongoing extended political holiday being enjoyed by our TDs and Senators is unacceptable and crazy in a modern world,” Renua Ireland has claimed.
Commenting on the decision of the Oireachtas to take a break until the middle of April (Tuesday the 17th to be precise) party said: ‘’It is astonishing that in the aftermath of An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar T.D. declaring a national emergency in housing, to go with the rest of the national emergencies from Brexit to the North, the response of the Dail was to go on an extended break.
“Given the enthusiasm with which this government goes on about efficiency this latest frolic with buckets and spades – barely a fortnight after the St Patrick’s Week frolic indicates they are in classic ‘do as I say not as I do’ mode.
“To date the Dail has sat for a mere thirty days whilst the Seanad has only managed to open up on twenty-five occasions.”
Renua also claimed that more normal working weeks for the Dail and Seanad are also critical if we are genuine about wanting to attract more women into politics. “More days spent in the Dail will free our TD’s and Senators to work more family friendly hours.”.