‘’Irelands courts appear to be more determined to release rapists and murderers than jail them’’, RENUA has claimed.

Commenting on the Graham Dwyer verdict Renua said;

‘’Working people are experiencing a crisis of confidence in the courts.

Each week we hear of another heinous crime being committed by some recidivist criminal on bail.

Often it appears to be the case that our current caste of libertarian judges would prefer to send those guilty of serious crime to therapy rather than jail.

Of course, prison should be set up to reform and help those who end up there.

But concepts such as punishment and lock-up are not dirty words.

They are necessary to compel the depraved to behave and to protect the innocent.

Our soft slippered liberal judges seem to have forgotten this’’.

The party said of the Dwyer result;

‘’This may be legally correct, but it punctures a further hole in public confidence in a courts system.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan must now move quickly to modernize legislation on this issue.

It is time the Minister got ahead of the game instead of constantly chasing the bus’’.

Renua also slammed the call by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties for the government to move quickly to introduce comprehensive data-retention legislation that fully respects individual rights.

The party said;

‘‘It’s time this overblown quango respected and defended the civil rights of victims.

Frankly they are a disgrace and should not be funded by government.

They are when it comes to crime the enemies of working people and should be called out on this issue’’.