Sea Port


RENUA Ireland has called on Transport Minister Shane Ross to swiftly clarify the state of Irish plans to maintain communications and exports between Ireland the UK and Europe on land sea and air in the event of a chaotic Brexit.

The party said

‘’it is a matter of grave concern that the worst minister, by common consent, in this administration is in charge of this critical logistical task.

To date political attention has focused on the border between the North and the South and the back-stop.

We also need clarity when it comes to our ports and air-ports.

To date, however Minister Ross has made Rip Van Winkle look pro-active.

Ireland is an exporting nation, particularly when it comes to Agriculture.

Mr Ross has a bad track record when it comes to rural Ireland already.

But, if he fails to get things right when it comes to keeping Agricultural produce on the move we will be holding Fine Gael to account.

Given, that Mr Ross was so available for night time canvassing over the Christmas period we assume there is a plan.

If there is not and Ireland turns into the Robinson Crusoe of Europe under his non-watch then we face a serious crisis.

There is a duty of responsibility, not only on Mr Varadkar but also the Ministers for Agriculture and Enterprise to impose some form of accountability on Mr Ross.

His failure will be their failure should Mr Ross run true to form and fail to produce.

Either way those who work and those who drive our exports in Agriculture, in Tourism and in the multi-national sector are entitled to swift re-assurances that all contingencies are covered.