RENUA Ireland leader Cllr. John Leahy has expressed grave concerns over the states secret plan to excise the church from primary schools.

Mr Leahy said;

‘’It is time to sound the alert to protect Faith based primary schools in Ireland.

I am a pluralist and RENUA Ireland is a party that believes in diversity of choice.

Pluralism though cuts both ways.

I am gravely concerned that a secret plan now exists in the higher echelons of the Department of Education to excise Faith Schools from the educational landscape.

We view with the gravest concern plans to devolve and examine school patronage in some gerrymandered Citizens Assembly.

RENUA Ireland wishes to make it clear that we will fight within our communities to fight for the retention of Catholic Schools against any attack by a Dublin 4 set of sectarian secularists.

Aodhan O’Riordan does not have the right to determine how the people of rural Ireland educate our children.

School, particularly primary school is about more than exam results.

It is about developing character and moral formation.

It is also about protecting children from the dangers and threats posed by an uncontrolled digital landscape.

Parents across rural Ireland want to protect their Catholic Schools.

We value their role within the community both educationally and in preparing children for key steps in our children’s lives such as confirmation and communion.

In an increasingly uncertain world the Faith school provides our children with an architecture of values.

The last thing we now need is a new unaccountable Sectarian Secularist HSE for schools

RENUA Ireland will lead the way in fighting such a process’’.