Sensitivities of adoptive parents must be recognised by the committe on the 8th amendment


RENUA Ireland leader representative John Leahy has called for a ‘’full and fulsome retraction by Kate O’Connell of her remarks on adoptive parents.

Mr Leahy said;

‘’Ms O’Connell’s hopefully accidental but still callous remarks have caused deep and ongoing hurt to thousands of adoptive parents around the country but also to the wonderfully courageous birth Mothers and adopted children themselves.

Her remarks also cruelly and carelessly targeted those with infertility issues who are desperately trying to adopt.

I know from talking to parents and to adopted children that Ms O’Connell’s remarks are being seen by adoptive parents, who have brought so much security and happiness to the lives of adopted children as a slur.

Adopted children are also deeply hurt.

Abortion is a divisive issue, but a serious responsibility lies on all, and in particular on members of a Committee mandated to deal with this question, to find a humane and dignified school of discourse that respects all sides in this debate.

This is not achieved by denigrating or attacking adoptive Mums and Dads and those mothers who take the lonely choice to place their children for adoption.

They and adopted children are not second-class citizens.

Ms O’Connell should withdraw her remarks and apologise unreservedly on the record to the many people the length and breadth of the country on who she inflicted so much hurt by her remarks’’.

RENUA Ireland leader John Leahy also expressed concern over the ‘’increasingly coarse’’ nature of public debate on this issue

Mr Leahy said;

‘’There must be a threshold of decency when it comes to public discourse on abortion … on all sides of the argument.

Ireland is deeply divided but that does not release us from a duty of care to respect the sensitivities of all sides involved in this issue.

The Fine Gael TD Kate O’Connell has failed to meet these standards.

This failure means she should consider her position.

More seriously still the Chairperson of the Committee on the Eighth Amendment failed to protect the expectation of citizens that their sensitivities on intimate personal matters be protected.

Ms Noone should attend to the responsibilities of her leadership position and demand an immediate retraction of the coarse and ill-judged remarks of her party-political colleague.

Leadership is about showing sensitivity and maintaining discipline in difficult circumstances.

RENUA Ireland requests that Ms Noone, belatedly, displays that characteristic.

Adoptive parents, children and those parents who are brave and generous enough in spirit to put their children up for adoption have been a source of joy and of hope.

They deserve more than to be the source of callow publicity seeking remarks by a Committee whose appalling performance to date is epitomized by the growing view that it is little more than a Pro Choice gerrymander’’.

For further information contact John Leahy at 0872073226