Sole diplomatic focus must be on brexit

Cllr John Leahy Ireland has called on the Irish Government to immediately abandon its campaign to secure a seat on the UN Security Council.Â

The party warned:

“As the Brexit negotiations continue to flounder it is time for Ireland to move into the driving seat on this issue. We need to stop hurling on the ditch on this issue and take a lead.

Given the pressures and challenges we face on Brexit, RENUA Ireland believes campaigning for a seat on the Security Council is a vanity project. A seat on the Security Council, though prestigious, is unlikely to affect our immediate or intimate interests.

By contrast the current campaign is distracting our diplomatic corps from the pressing need to build alliances amongst the EU 27 during vital Brexit negotiations.  The Irish Government now needs to stop acting like a commentator on Brexit.

We need to actively engage in direct negotiations with the UK government and other European Governments to ensure Ireland’s vital national and economic interests are protected.

The implications of Brexit for Ireland are too severe to leave in the hands of foreign bureaucrats and of countries which have no real stake in this game. Some may even secretly be planning to turn a profit on a disorderly Brexit.

By contrast, the consequences for Ireland of Brexit in terms of the Good Friday Agreement, trade, commerce and a peaceful future are existential.

We cannot be distracted from this by diplomatic frolics and embassy parlour games.

It is time instead to focus on the bread and butter of Brexit first.!