RENUA Ireland leader John Leahy has warned that the current; ‘’state sponsored betrayal of working families must be tackled and called out’’.

Mr Leahy said;

‘’A state that cannot house its people has failed and a party that cannot house our people is politically bankrupt.

The appalling spectacle, at a time of housing unavailability where state land is being pitched for sale to private landlords typifies this governments abandonment of working people’’.

Commenting on the revelation that investors spent more than €1.2bn last year on 4,745 homes last year Mr Leahy said;

‘’this government is sleepwalking into a scenario where once again foreign landlords will control the housing rights of Irish citizens.

Two centuries of progress will be overturned.

This is not just a Dublin centred problem either.

If the current process continues it will soon be as hard for working people to buy a house in Tullamore as London; let alone Dublin.

Increasingly even families on good incomes are at risk of homelessness as they are priced out of the house purchase and rental markets.

Eoghan Murphy has been more inert in dealing with this than Rip Van Winkle.

If he had built as many houses as the number of policy documents he has launched, we would not be in crisis.

Sadly, he hasn’t, we are in a crisis and it is time the government responded appropriately.

In fact, it is time it responded full stop’’.