Those who rebel now must stay the course

Those who rebel against party whips over abortion would be wise to realise their commitment and the consequences of that commitment will not be a short-term affair, Renua Ireland has warned.
The party said: ‘’Given the ferocity of the media backlash; those who stand for Life are acting with great courage. They must realize the consequences of such an act of courage will be a long term one.
“Those of us who have been representing these values consistently know all too well the hostility they will face from former colleagues. They must also realise though that this is a battle for the soul of Ireland that will not end swiftly.
“It will not be a case of three months and you are out. A vast array of state purchased advocates will not take ‘No’ for the peoples’ answer. Those who join Renua Ireland in defending Life must be in it for the long haul. They will have no freedom in the matter.
“Renua has learnt the hard way that official Ireland will be a cold house for those who continue to defend Life and worse still dare to defend core family values in our society. They are, if they are up for the battle more than welcome to join Ireland’s sole Pro-life and Pro-tax cuts party.
“Before doing so, we warn that those who stay the course, they will be there for a long time with little applause and no turning back. Unlike others, who turn when they need to, Renua Ireland is not for turning on its and Ireland’s core values.”.