RENUA Ireland has warned vulture funds planning to foreclose on family farms and homes in rural Ireland that there will be; ‘’zero tolerance for their activities across the country-side’’.

The party said;

‘’Vulture funds are a new generation of land-lords and they will be treated in the same way as their predecessors.

Rural Ireland is not going to stand idly by whilst families are evicted by the zombie economics of the vulture fund.

Moral hazard should always apply to loans and mortgages.

But the banks themselves fatally undermined that principle with their reckless lending policies.

And moral hazard should apply to banks too.

Where they make bad loans, they should negotiate settlements.

Instead they have outsourced their failure to vulture funds who only care about making a quick buck.

The government’s decision to back the banks over the people is now coming back to haunt them.

A plague of foreclosures is about to be unleashed upon rural Ireland.

To date the vultures have held back on rural Ireland because they have been distracted by commercial property.

They are now however waiting on the fence posts preparing to strike.

RENUA Ireland also warned families dealing with vulture funds to expect fair play. The party said;

‘’There will be no compromises or settlements from vulture funds.

They will simply be looking to sell your lands and homes as quickly as they can to any-one except you.

There can be no negotiations with vultures unless they commit to a long-term presence in Ireland’’.

RENUA Ireland warned;

When it comes to our homesteads the position must be not an inch without a guarantee of families staying in their homes.

RENUA Ireland believes the best long-term policy for vultures would be for the state and people to excise this foreign banking methodology from the country.

Like St Patrick and the snakes; it’s time to chase the vultures out of Ireland.

Sadly, all precedents to date suggest that the government and the Central Banks ongoing policy of Appeasement that the people will be alone in taking on the vultures.

We warn them in advance though, that The Field, by JB Keane, will look like a romantic comedy when compared to the furies a return to landlordism in rural Ireland will spark.

We say not a yard not a field without negotiations.

Rural Ireland has seen off many land-grabbers before and our vulture friends will experience a similar fate.

The government should intervene now if it wants to avoid an unprecedented campaign of civil disobedience’’.