‘’The government must put a national plan in place to deal with the consequences of the ongoing drought’’, RENUA Ireland leader John Leahy has warned.

The RENUA Ireland leader said;

‘’We are not at crisis point yet, but now is the moment where we must ensure a crisis is avoided.

Our political masters must also work to realize that the issue of access to water is not just a Dublin or an urban phenomenon.

Farming needs security of supply particularly in areas such as dairy farming where cattle need more than one hundred and fifty litres a day.

Agriculture is facing grave difficulties to the point where welfare issues may arise for animals.

Farmers are already using the first cut of silage for current fodder and are wondering when they will be able to cut for winter fodder.

Irish Water’s Drought Management Team must be far more pro-active in keeping rural communities and farmers up to date with the realities of supply and demand.

Irish Water should also clarify how they plan, in practical sense to accommodate farmers who need to collect water by tanker.

Both government and Irish Water must also look proactively to the issues which may arise in the autumn courtesy of the current drought.

We must prepare now for a crisis to avoid an actual crisis’’.