Renua Ireland leader John Leahy has said ‘’Irish politicians must recreate the spirit of the Land League to deal with housing profiteers and rack-renters’’.

Commenting on the systemic scale of the Irish housing crisis Mr Leahy said;

‘’Politicians must unite to challenge the plans of our state banks to get into bed with vultures of every hue.

We are currently experiencing the Mortgage Arrears equivalent of the Cold War domino theory.

Once one bank falls all will fall very willingly.

What is needed on a political level, initially is the recall of the Dail Finance Committee to cross examine the banks on this volte face.

But what we also need is a united charter for the defence of the people based on a modern variant of the famous three F’s from Davitt’s Land League of a century and a half ago

Ironically even today we do not have Fair Rent, Free Sale and Fixity of Tenure … and we certainly do not have them under a vulture fund.

Outside of modern variants of Fair Rent and Fixity of Tenure these could include;

Not one compliant person in Mortgage Arrears to be left behind for the vultures.

No second and third tax-payer bail-out for the banks

No compliant Mortgage-Holder’s house should be sold to a Vulture Fund

No sale of family homes to Vulture Funds without representation – the Irish equivalent of no taxation without representation.

No sale of the family farm

No sale of family homes to vultures if the consequence is that the family must go into social housing.

Unless we stand up to the banks they will not stop trampling us’’.