RENUA is Ireland's patriotic and socially conservative party that stands for the protection and promotion of the things that are essential to our individual and collective quality of life: strong families, safe communities and an independent country that is prosperous and run fairly for the benefit of all.

RENUA takes a positive and common sense approach to politics. We staunchly defend the Irish people’s right to liberty including the right to freedom of speech. Ireland’s liberty was too hard fought and is very precious. It should not be sacrificed for the benefit of 'progressive' elites.

RENUA is the growing political alternative to the globalist, politically correct and 'progressive' elite that has taken over Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. We are the only party opposing the high tax, anti-enterprise and anti-family policies of the hard left and extreme left of Sinn Fein, Greens, Labour, PBP and Social Democrats.

 JacQUI Gilbourne is the RENUA  candidate in the Dublin Bay South Bye-Election

A vote for JacQUI is...

  • A vote against one of the hardest lockdowns in the world.
  • A vote that supports family, where taxation discriminates against parents in the home.
  • A vote for the wellbeing of children, where their very childhood innocence is under threat.
  • A vote for free speech, against the media bias and waste of RTE.
  • A vote for generosity of spirit, for giving back, as she will donate 100% of her Dáil salary towards new community playgrounds and a clean environment for children in the constituency to grow up in.  
  • A vote for Jackie is a vote for common sense.  

View Jacqui's campaign leaflet below. You can also support her campaign with a GoFundMe donation. Donations are very welcome.

RENUA A3 Bye-Election 2021 Version 1.3 (Jacqui Gilbourne) FINAL.pdf



RENUA stands for an Ireland where families, human life and personal health and wellbeing is always valued and protected. We have policies to protect and strengthen Irish families.

policies to PROTECT AND
strengthen OUR cOMMUNITIES

RENUA stands for an Ireland where our strong sense of community is valued and protected, where citizens are safe and where real quality of life is valued over profit-driven globalist interests. We have policies to strengthen Irish communities, make them safer and to improve our quality of life. 


RENUA stands for a free and prosperous country that is run fairly by Irish citizens and for the benefit of Irish citizens, not the profits of global corporations or for unelected elites in Brussels or Berlin. We have policies to strengthen our nation, promote prosperity and to protect our independence and unique culture.